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Ability to register multiple persons at different pricing option for event?

  1. wgpubs

    I'm investigating the use of using gravity forms for event registration in a wordpress site I manage. The site allows folks to register one or more kids for various events (tryouts, classes, etc...). I definitely need the following features and would like to know if they are supported or not:

    1. Ability to register multiple people for an event.

    2. For each person registered for an event, the ability for users to specify a different pricing option for each. (for example, a parent may want to register 2 kids for an upcoming camp with one requiring a uniform while the other isn't and so they need to pay different amounts for each ... one for just camp and the other for camp + uniform.

    Thanks much.


    Posted 6 years ago on Tuesday May 21, 2013 | Permalink
  2. Gravity Forms has no event capabilities built in. You can register people, and for an event, maybe you would create one form per event, or there could be a drop down in your form where the visitor has to select an event. In that way, you can have people register for your 'event'. However, registering multiple people at one time may be problematic depending on how many people you want to allow to register at one time, and how much information you need from each person. If you are just creating a list of people who register, then our List field could handle the registrations. You could allow one visitor filling out the form submit an infinite number of names.

    If you need more information about each registrant, you can add one block for each individual being registered, and hide the blocks with conditional logic. If you don't anticipate a lot of people being registered in one form submission, this will work OK, but because each set of fields needs to be added to the form when you build it, and you hide unused fields with conditional logic, this method becomes cumbersome with more that 4 or 6 registrants (depending on how much information you need from each registrant.)

    You can charge different amounts for each registrant in one form. You would have products and options which reflect the different prices. Once you make your Gravity Forms purchase, if we get past the first hurdle of registering multiple people at one time, we can help you with configuring the product and option pricing.

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