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Add Another

  1. Hi,

    I'd read previously this wasn't yet possible (I think in version 1.5.2-ish), but was wondering if there is any "add another" type functionality built into the latest beta? One of my clients is a ENT clinic and I'd very much like to simplify their patient registration forms. Specifically in the sections pertaining to medication a patient might be taking, it would be great to be able to allow the user to add as many medications as they are taking without limiting them and without cluttering the form with unnecessary fields.


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  2. Richard Vav

    Hi, In version 1.6 which is currently up to release candidate 4 stage, they have added a List field which will allow in your example the patient to click a plus sign next to the field to add another field. There is also an option in the settings to make it a multiple column field so again using your example they could enter the medication name in one column and the strength in another column then click the plus to add another row.

    You can find out more about the list field by checking out the following page in the documentation,

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  3. Thanks for the info! That sounds very promising and very much like what I'm looking for. I would check out that documentation but I haven't purchased yet, so can't view it, which is extremely annoying by the way. :\ I guess that's a rant for another time. Thank you again!

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  4. The announcement of the first beta for 1.6 also explains the new features:

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