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Adding tag widget on user registration page to add keyword tags to user meta

  1. Hi guys,

    We have installed gravity forms and the user registration add on.

    I would like to add a keyword/tag field for each user to add tags to their profile (like a post, but for a user). Our aim is to send notifications to users when posts are created with tags that match their user meta tags. So first the user needs to specify what they are interested in.

    Now I can add a plain input or text field to the custom registration now which works, but I would like to add the functionality similar to that in the tag widget / wordcloud widget found in wp-admin.

    Can you please give me instructions as to how I'd call the same functions that create post tags and post cloud (with the autocomplete etc) in wp-admin - but 1/ to add this to the user registration page and 2/ save the tags as user meta.

    Thank you!


    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday October 4, 2012 | Permalink
  2. I've never seen a user profile with tags displayed on it. Can you post the URL for an example of where this functionality can be seen?

    You can collect whatever data you want with your form, even your registration form, and map it to custom profile fields. You will be responsible for displaying the data on the user's profile. Here is one explanation of how to add and remove fields from the user profile:

    Here is another explanation:

    The rest of your questions about customizing your admin have nothing to do with Gravity Forms and are outside the support we can provide here. We are happy to help you collect the information and integrate the User Registration add-on, but customizing your WordPress installation is not something we can help you with. You can find some help here if you are inclined:

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