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Building a customized product shop

  1. Hi,

    Please let me know if the following can be build with Gravity forms:

    I want to build a word press site with 10 PAGES. Each page contains a collection of 10 different options for a customized product (each option will have a name,one graphic and a checkbox so the user can select that option. The client will move on from page to page in order to customize the product. I would like to be able to enforce user registration, limit the selection of options to 'only one" and at the end once the user finishes customizing his product, I want the user to go to a final page a checkout page to pay with PayPal ( I am assuming I will need the developer versions)
    In this CHECKOUT page I want the user to select from a collection of options, each option will have a different price that at the end will be added to the fixed price of the product. In other words by the time the user gets to the checkout page he has to pay $30 for the product he just customixed, but if he selects option 1 (out of 10) $5 will be added to the $30. This page should display a total and a link to pay to paypal... sounds like a lot but I have been searching and none of the eCommerce plugins out ther can do this kind of stuff. From what I have read in your page your pluging may be the best for this task. What do you think? Thank you for your time.

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  2. Gravity Forms should be able to be used for what you described, although you'll have to work within the available feature set. What you describe sounds simple enough, but could very well become complex depending on your expectations and needs as far as calculating pricing goes.

    You would have to remember that Gravity Forms isn't a custom application, it provides a defined feature set. So you may have to adjust your work flow to fit the available feature set. You can also customize the feature set using hooks/filters and custom code, so it is customizable. But it is a pre-defined product and not a custom application specifically for your use case so you'll need to keep that in mind.

    Gravity Forms has Pricing Fields used to calculate a total. The 3 primary fields in the Pricing Fields toolbox are the Product Field, Option Fields and Total Field. There are others such as Quantity and Shipping, but Product/Option/Total are the 3 utilized the most.

    Here is how pricing is calculated...

    Product + Options * Quantity + Shipping = Total

    That's it. There is no out of the box option for doing complex pricing such as height x width x length = price. That could only be implemented as a customization. Also keep in mind the Shipping Field is basic and per order, not per product.

    If standard pricing like this is sufficient for your needs, or you are comfortable implementing customizations if not then Gravity Forms should be suitable for what you want to do.

    One thing to note is you can build a multi-page form using the Page Break field. So you can break up the customization process into multiple form pages. However the final option selections would take place in the form, not on PayPal. The way things work is all selections have been made by the time the user is handed off to PayPal and the only thing that takes place on PayPal is the act of making the payment itself. That is how PayPal works.

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  3. Carl,

    Thank you for your answer, I new Gravity Forms will allow me to do this. The price calculation I will be doing is not that complex so it will work for me. I am assuming that since I want to pay to paypal I will need to purchase the developer version of GF right? THanks again for your time.

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  4. Yes, only the Developer License includes the PayPal Add-On. The Authorize.Net Add-On is also currently in alpha testing and will be released as a beta very soon, although users can request to use the alpha version. The Authorize.Net Add-On is also a Developer only Add-On.

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