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Can form2 access existing form1 data

  1. Hi

    This is the scenario... There is a form1 which people fill out to apply for an event... The entry management in the back end helps in approving some and not others...


    a) can the resend notification be modified to be a "Send notification" which is not based on when a person fills out form1, but the admin sending out custom notification as he pleases... (kind of like a newsletter is you will)...

    b) can the approved people be directed to form2 which gets prepopulated from form1 using some key (email etc)... and form2 add to form1 (for payment etc) instead of making a new set of data?


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  2. The resend notifications is strictly for sending an email containing either what you configured for the Admin Notification or the User Notification. You can then send that email to any email address you like. However, it isn't intended to be used to send a mass email.

    If you want mass email newsletter capabilities I would suggest using MailChimp, Campaign Monitor or AWeber which are designed specifically for this and integrate with Gravity Forms via available Add-Ons.

    What you describe in B) could be possible, but it's not a built in feature. To be honest virtually anything is possible via customizations. Gravity Forms is extremely customizable and has an extensive array of hooks and filters. But you have to know PHP and have a good understanding of WordPress development in order to create customizations.

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  3. Thanks Carl for the reply....

    Are there extensive docs available for just that purpose? customization etc...

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  4. There is Developer Documentation that explains and documents all of the available hooks. As to how to go about implementing specific customizations, you'd have to have a good understanding of what you are trying to do and how you'd typically do it using code and then see what hooks can make help you implement it.

    We can typically provide high level guidance on the hooks that would probably be involved, but ultimately you or a developer would have to write the customization from that point on.

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