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Copy Fields, Drag New Fields, Spam Protection Question

  1. Hi Gravity-Team,

    your plugin would be even greater if it would be possible to Copy already created fields. I have forms, where I have similar fields in a form sometimes. Instead of adding new fields it would be great just to copy an already existing field in this form.

    Also, if I created looong forms and the customer like to add a new field in the beginning of the form, it is not very user friendly, that new fields are added at the very end of the form and I have to drag them to the beginning of the form. Is it possible just to drag a new field to the exact position where I want it?

    Last but not least, the ReCaptcha function is pretty good, but some people don't like it, having problems to read, javascript not running and it's not available in every language. It would be great to have an alternative, like creating questions:

    Color of the sun: yellow
    10+5 = 15

    Hope those features can be realized! Thanks in advance!

    Posted 10 years ago on Tuesday January 12, 2010 | Permalink