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Couple of pre-sales questions ?

  1. ollie

    1. if a user designates a form as a post, can the submitted data be displayed immediately? as in AJAX-style?

    2. If so are there any user-restrictions?

    3. Are there any way to stylise the submitted data with JS/html/CSS etc? eg. links to images or image uploads can be used in an image gallery or audio (wp-audio plugin) from standard text fields/upload fields?

    I guess i would like to move away from the use of the admin area to input data, and allow entry from the front end. Author can publish their forms, but users can add data to the "POST" and have the data displayed, much like a poll?

    Posted 10 years ago on Thursday October 6, 2011 | Permalink
  2. 1. Yes. There are settings for the confirmation, one of which is redirect. You can redirect to the newly created post. It will not be AJAX but it will send them to the newly recreated post.

    2. Restrictions on viewing the posts? That's up to you to handle in your WordPress installation. You can restrict access to content using something like the Members plugin from Justin Tadlock.

    3. If you have the Gravity Form create a post, you can style the post any way you style any other WordPress post.

    I did exactly what you want to do: created a form to create posts on a website, without my editors ever logging in to the back end. I password protected the page where the form was embedded, to restrict access to creating entries. Filling in a form is much easier than the whole WordPress back end for many people.

    Gravity Forms will help you accomplish what you're looking for. If you have specific questions after you purchase, we'll be happy to help you out.

    Posted 10 years ago on Thursday October 6, 2011 | Permalink