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Create forms and products for a services based website. (GF + cart66)

  1. I'd like to hire someone to create the forms and products required to sell our services online. We have a few customisations we would like to do and this is where I am stuck.

    We sell to a lot of families who have multiple children. We'd like to give them a 10% discount for the 2nd child. We'd like to repopulate the fields when they 'add another child' by automatically adding things like their email and last name to the form. If they are registered and logged in to the site we'd like to prepopulate the form with relevant info as well.

    We have a Holiday Camp that is a little different in that people don't just buy the one product, they have to choose if they are coming the whole week, some days only, half days, full days, etc... I've made this form and it works (apart from populating data fields based on login) but the 'total' doesn't work when still on the form. (Ie, it doesn't show a running total, it sits at zero). When it goes to the cart, the price is correct. Also when previewing the form the running total works.

    There is one more thing we would like but I'm not sure if it's possible. It would require a date calculation that would tell the customer how many weeks are left in the class (today's date minus start date). When registering for a class that is part way through it would charge them only for the weeks remaining. (e.g., 10 weeks = $100, so if 5 weeks left it would charge $50).


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