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Customer Database with Login function

  1. negotiationtable

    Can I create the following with the Developer version of Gravity forms?

    1. Create a customer database. When a user signs up they are added to the database.
    2. Every time a new customer signs up a specific page is automatically created for them.
    3. Have a login/logout function allowing the customer to view their specific page. No other customers should have access to a different customers specific page

    My hope is to integrate this database with Paypal and a broadcast email service. An example being...A) customer registers and a specific page is created for them with a username and password. B) The customers email goes into the email database. C) customer purchases something. The item purchased is automatically shown on the customers specific page. D) If user doesn't redeem their purchase I can see that in my user database and email them to remind them they made the purchase. E) The customer can login on my site to see what they purchased.

    Can you verify what functions listed above are handled by Gravity Forms and what functions wouldn't be handled by Gravity Forms?

    Maybe this is achievable without creating a specific page for each user? Is there a plug-in that searches the database and displays preselected fields for each specific client? Thanks in advance for your comments!

    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday May 19, 2011 | Permalink
  2. 1) Gravity Forms could handle creating the user on your WordPress site using the user Registration Add-On.

    2) Out of the box Gravity Forms only creates Posts. It does not create Pages. It can create Pages but only as a customization using the available API hooks/filters and custom PHP. So you would need to write some custom PHP to store the post as a Page. You would also need a way to attribute that page to that user, possibly by storing a custom field that denotes the user for that page. But that implementation would be up to you.

    3) Gravity Forms does not have login/logout functionality. It can't be used to log users into your site so you would need to use something else for this.

    It sounds like Gravity Forms can do parts of what you want to do, but either way it's a pretty custom implementation and use case so it isn't something Gravity Forms does out of the box. It would require custom code and customizations to make it work the way you want it to work.

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  3. Hi there

    I have been looking for some time now into how to get a really good Business Directory working on my sites, without typing in lots of info myself and/or creating separate databases.

    Then it struck me that if the users profile page could be tweaked then it could form the basis for a business directory. The are some plugin out there that offer extra fields such as user Photo etc. If fields could be added for categories all that would need to be done would to be able to display (somehow??) these businesses by category and....Hey Presto! A business directory! These businesses can then be emailed etc using various other plugins

    I hope I am making sense? No one has seem to have done anything like this yet. I am wondering why? Am I missing something? Can Gravity help?

    Best regards


    Posted 11 years ago on Saturday May 28, 2011 | Permalink
  4. Are you looking for something like this?

    Bear in mind, this is a third-party plugin and not supported on the forums.

    Posted 11 years ago on Monday May 30, 2011 | Permalink
  5. I'm absolutely shocked! I just paid almost $200 for the Developer version in the hope that it would do exactly what negotiationtable asked. Can I please have a refund, alternatively, can you please provide the code/instructions to create specific user accounts so they can login/logout of their accounts? I can't get over this shock! OMG! What have I just paid for?!

    Posted 10 years ago on Wednesday September 28, 2011 | Permalink
  6. I'm still shaking from the shock of my wrong about you downgrade me to the personal package and refund me the difference? I don't want to be a pain, but I feel duped. Can you please help?

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  7. @businessclassified Did you read my response to @negotiationtable above? If you had, you would see that what he wants to do isn't possible out of the box with Gravity Forms. It can be done, but only by applying additional customizations.

    That is clearly stated above in my response to his pre-sale questions. So i'm not sure how you can be shocked.

    I'm a little confused. You don't need code/instructions to create user accounts. You just need to use the User Registration Add-On which allows you to create a form that creates a user account. It can create registration forms. What it doesn't create is login forms, you use the WordPress login or the Sidebar Login plugin to implement a login form.

    It appears based on your comments, that you really don't know what Gravity Forms can or can't do and that you clearly didn't read my responses above that explain how he could do what he wants to do and that it would require customizations as not everything he wants to do is a built in feature.

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