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CVS Export link on Entries Panel Please.

  1. So great on the backend use of page views verse form fills. Excellent. Now I'd like to use the data without having to go to my hosting account and open adminMyphp panel and do a manual export of the respective data table.

    Can you please put a Excel CVS Link to pop up a "Save" box to locally save the data. This way we can further filter and data mine the information better. Such as cross form analysis via the User IP Address. For whatever you fancy. Or just plain conversion analysis (CRO) to optimize via Geo IP Address.

    It would be useful to understand where the visitors are coming from which provide the greatest sales for instance. Or registrations, or very relevant to whatever your form is about.

    Posted 13 years ago on Monday September 27, 2010 | Permalink
  2. Wasn't that a stupid post?! LOL! I just reviewed your video and laughing MAO! You already have this feature, LOL! That is sweet and all I need! The Gravity Form is so cool! I code alot and move around alot between developer's themes and such. So I missed this one and I am so glad I decided to look at the video again!

    Hoever in my ambition for the unthinkable, I was wondering how I could capture the search box data on my site. For instance I knwo a great Theme Developer at Gorilla Themes, who is using your Gravity Forms embedded in his function.php file to show up in his themes.

    However, as you know , a search is a "get" type of call, and a form is a "pst" type of call. So here's a challenge: Wouldn't it be great if we could capture the search data and post it via Graviity Forms functionality to the WP DB?!

    That would be awesome for the CRO (Conversion) section of your plugin in the backend. I was playing around with this and created the same search boxes and made a Gravity "Search" Form. However, the data was posted, but of course (LOL!) I could only redirect a page and not really retrieve meaningful search data.

    So as you can see I am on to something: Recording what is selected in a Gravity Form, but also be able to echo back to the user, meaningful search results exactly as selected via drop down boxes in a Gravity Form.

    I'm half way there now, with the creation of a Gravity Form that looks and smells like a search section. And I have a theme from Gorilla Themes , as there are many others as well, which do a great job using the WP Core to retrieve meaningful results.

    What I want to do is merge Gravity Forms with the WP Core Search functionality and post these search results, so I can use them for CRO (conversion rate optimization). As it is I am able to use you Gravity Forms not only as a single form, but as a multi-Gravity Formed conversion path!

    You guessed it! If my visitor fits my profile, voila! The submit button appears and they are off to another short form. And if not what I am looking for, the the ajax kicks in and they see, the "Gee I'm sorry, I already have enough cooks for the kitchen, but leave us your email address and we'll let you know" type of message(its an example not real). One drop down boxed Gravity from based upon what is entered is helping me segment my visitors.

    In my case it is segmenting availability of certain listings and what visitors are looking for in real estate. A real example is people who searching for apartments and are smokers. Currently I have no such vacancies, just all non-smoking. So if they select "Smoking" as a preference ("Select Smoking/Non-smoking), then the ajax kicks in and the message, " Sorry we have no smoking vacancies at this time." If they select "Non-smoking" as a preference, they are then greeted with complete listings page of available apartments categorized under "Non-Smoking", when they hit the submit button, via the redirect option. Pretty neat hey?

    You can create all sorts of things with Gravity Forms. And not just one form. But conversion paths, or segmentation paths. This way we are only speaking to who we need to talk to, and not scanning hundreds of emails or screening hundreds of calls each day.

    Gravity Forms is helping us not only segmenting visitors, but filtering in our hiring as well. The same kind of set up is used in a two fold process. We are hiring Caretakers who have trade skills. On the first form, if DON'T select "Skilled Tradesman" among other questions, then they get the ajax message, "Sorry this position requires a skilled tradesman." If they select "Skilled Tradesman" as past experience, then the "Next" Button appears, where another Gravity form is displayed. There we get all the rest of the regular application information. This way we are only talking and contacting the very people WE want to talk to. And not the people who would waste our time trying to convince us they are qualified.

    So, that is what got me into your gravity forms. Not only can I whip them up fast, but I can set them up in a way as to create "Gravity Conversion Paths", LOL! Anyways, if you figure out how I could capture search entries via Gravity Forms and be able to echo back meaningful search results, let me know! Cheers!

    Posted 13 years ago on Monday September 27, 2010 | Permalink
  3. There aren't currently any plans to make Gravity Forms act as a search engine, but with the available API hooks it's certainly possible to customize it so Gravity Forms acts as the search form and then passes whatever you entered off to another handler that does the search part of it. Practically anything is possible via customizations.

    Posted 13 years ago on Monday September 27, 2010 | Permalink
  4. Ya, I figured it would be a two step process, I'll look in to later. It seems once the "get" command is completed, we could then "post" what is retrieved into the Gravity Table which holds the Gravity Forms data when submitted. From there a nice CSV file and even score counts on a website's preferred top keyword phrases could be done.

    I did come up with something Carl so far as a search from is concerned and capturing the data in the Gravity tables. I'll send you a link on this post when I have it up later the other side of midnight MST.

    Anyways, there's something else you could make as an addon, lol! So far so good with what you are on to Carl with CRO. Behavioral Marketing Measurement + SEO = CRO. Cheers!

    Posted 13 years ago on Monday September 27, 2010 | Permalink