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Different notifications from same form

  1. Is it possible to have different notifications, in different formats, to different destinations for a single form? Working on an automotive website and would like to have XML formatted data go to one destination, and an HTML-type notification go to some recipients when a customer fills out a contact form.
    If this can be done I think Gravity Forms will be our solution

    Posted 9 years ago on Thursday December 22, 2011 | Permalink
  2. Gravity Forms currently only supports 2 email notifications. An Admin Notification and a User Notification. The notifications can use plain text or HTML, however those are the only 2 notifications supports out of the box.

    If you needed to send additional emails you would have to do so as a customization by writing some custom PHP to send an email when the form is submitted.

    The ability to create more notifications for a form and control who they are sent to and what their content is based on form field selections is a feature we will be adding next year.

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  3. In the email notification to the administrator field, you can include multiple email addresses separated by a comma, right?

    Oops - never mind - I see the answer here:

    "The field will accept multiple email addresses, separated by a comma, with no space. Try that and see if that works for you. It should. The BCC field works the same way."

    That's what I wanted to make sure of!

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  4. Great, thanks for posting that you found your answer.

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