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discounts and product quantity display

  1. Hello!

    The website i've been developing requires the ability to purchase registration for a series of dog-training classes. I've tried event management plugins, but they don't allow me to do one thing that is important to them (discounts based on selection of a checkbox - eg: click here if you are a club member - which gets them a % discount. coupon codes are not something they desire). I've found that you are able to do something similar, which is the same idea as ordering an XL tshirt, only instead of a surcharge the selection gets them a % discount. Can someone confirm this is in fact possible and very easy to do?

    Now this brings me to the next feature - as I NEED this or I'll have to continue searching for another plugin...

    Product quantity ( available spaces) - in this case, I need a way to display the available spaces in the link that leads to the form.

    For example -

    SIGN UP FOR CORE CLASS A (10 SPACES LEFT) <--- (which is a link to the form, spaces refreshes automatically)

    If someone could let me know that would be much appreciated and i'll get the dev license right away.



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  2. anybody? I really need some client is getting after me...thanks!

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  3. David Peralty

    You can do the discount part through the new field formulas we have added, but displaying the number of spots left might take a bit more customization and work. You can limit the number of entries in Gravity Forms, but I don't think you can display the number remaining easily. It currently just auto-closes for new entries once the limit has been reached.

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  4. David Peralty

    Actually, there is a snippet for grabbing the number left:

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  5. great, thanks David!!

    What i'm after is being able to have a link that leads to the specific form, on a regular page. Would I essentially be able to add the "only %s left - click here" to a page? Or would the entries left have to be on the actual form page?

    Also, would there be a way to keep the form up even after the entries are sold out, just disable them from purchasing?

    Sorry for so many questions, the client is very specific...

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  6. tenji

    Hi David where can we find information on how to use the field formulas? Thanks

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