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email notification formatting

  1. Hi,
    I've been looking for an answer to this but can't view any relevant topics because I haven't purchased yet :)

    Basically I am working with a CRM system whose method of integration with 3rd party sites is to accept specially formatted emails from the form containing the submitted data. It parses this and then puts it somewhere where the CRM user can approve it.

    Does gravity forms allow you to:
    a) change the topic of the email
    b) allow you to structure the body of the email however you like
    - If so, what tags are supported i.e. for a date can it be split into {day}{month}{year} for example?
    d) add different email formats for each form that you create?

    If it can do these things then I'm definitely buying. :)

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  2. Answering your questions:
    a) Yes, you can change the subject of notification emails
    b) Yes, you can format the email however you would like. All fields in your form will be available as tags, plus some other tags (i.e. Client IP, URL, date, Form ID, Entry ID and others)
    The date, however, can't be broken down into pieces. It will be displayed as a full date, in the configured format (mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy.
    Another option is to use a Gravity Form hook to configure the email body. If you have PHP experience, you can use one of the hooks to programmaticaly change the email body. This will give you total control and you will then be able to split the date pieces if needed.

    d) Yes, you will be able to build a different notification for each form


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  3. Awesome. Good enough for me :)


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