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Email Routing Form Admin Style.

  1. The email routing could be improved in a couple of ways.

    First is the inclusion of a catch all. I appears as though you have to put in some static field and just do an "is" in order to set a line with a person that allows gets the email. Or do a BCC.

    There also doesn't appear to be a CC section. There should be another section for CC (and BCC) that allows for the email/routing choice.

    The code already exists for all of this functionality and would just need to be reorganized.

    Additionally, the admin style is not good for routing. When you are entering your sent to address and you want multiple addresses it is not long enough to read easily. Also, I route based upon the url of the page that the form was filled out from and that box is too small.
    I think that a two or three line condition that made those inputs larger would be a better ui.

    Another thing that I would like is if there was the ability to configure multiple admin emails. This would be useful in many ways. You could send one email to the secretarial staff with instructions on how to process an inquiry, you could send another email to a warehouse telling them to get product ready, another to the sales staff that gave them all the contact information, and one that is from the client that is formatted so that you could reply to that person.

    The ability to setup those kinds of workflows would be awesome and I think you are close to being able to do that.

    Your product is already the most important add on to wordpress that I use. But if it could do this I wouldn't have to force the client to choose how they respond, I could configure whatever workflows made sense and trigger them all with emails.

    Oh, one more thing. This is probably not on your radar. Routing to multiple forms. If the entered information matches a destination form and a condition is right. Take the entry from one form and save it to the table for another form. This would allow for one form to be created but the have different repositories for review. The strength would be that you would only need to edit one form layout rather than create a bunch of forms and have to edit each to upgrade on the site.

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  2. Enhancements to the notifications will be included in the next major release of Gravity Forms. All your requests may no be included, but I'm certain some of them will be. I will leave this topic open for additional comments.

    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday December 13, 2012 | Permalink