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Enable multiple email submission; forwarded to mailchimp

  1. I have a contest running whereby current customers can recomend new customers. Using Gravity forms they can add as many new customer and new customer emails as they like. I am currently manually sending verification to each new customer to ensure that they are ok with us adding them to the mailing list. — is there a way to automate this?

    The page I am currently running:

    Is there a way to edit the verification email so that it says something like : "hello John Smith, David jones has recommended you be added to our mailing list. Would you like to be added? Accept/Decline.

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  2. Where is the verification email coming from and being sent to the people who were nominated? I submitted the form and nominated three people but I did not receive any email yet, so I could not check myself.

    Sounds like you have a couple things you need to automate. Adding the nominated person to your mailing list and also sending them an email to opt in to the list? Have you automated any of it so far?

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  3. The verification is through the mailchimp add on - for the submitter email only. The nominations are then manually verified by me. I receive notice if the nominations and send an email to the nominees infirming them that they have been nominated for their volunteer efforts and ask for permission to add them to the mailing list and enter them in the contest.

    Emails are starting to pour in and I would like to automate all of these tasks.

    Thanks fir your help.

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  4. FYI: A little info I received from Mail Chimp:

    Thanks for reaching out to us today!

    Being that we are a permission based ESP, meaning that anyone who is sent a campaign from an account, must have previously opted in to receive email communications, we do not offer an automated email verification form.

    That being said another option would be instead of your subscribers providing email addresses for people they would like to recommend, they could pass along a link to your MailChimp signup form. That way those who are interested can subscribe using the normal subscription process. If using the MailChimp signup form, this will use the double optin process which does include a confirmation email that is automated.

    This verification email is able to be customized as are the rest of the forms involved in the double optin process. The followup guide will explain what exactly is involved in the double optin process and how to customized these forms.

    How does double opt-in work?:
    How do I customize each part of the confirmation process?:
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

    Have a great day!

    Thank you,

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  5. Sounds like you need to follow the advice from Mailchimp as there does not appear to be an automated way for the additional emails to be subscribed automatically? Maybe you could use a 'tell a friend' type functionality to share the link to you Mailchimp signup form?

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  6. From what Dave at MailChimp has suggested I think I need to revise the form. Instead of submitting the form to me I need to forward an email to their nominees. something like this:

    current customer adds name and email of recommended customers (RC, RC1, RC2)
    RC receives *customized email asking them to fill out mailChimp subscription form
    Form is pre-populated with name and email supplied by current customer
    RC edits name and email if required
    RC clicks submit
    MailChimp sends confirmation (I may skip this step)
    Mail Chimp adds email to mailing list subgroup

    *The customized email would look something like this:
    Dear Chris,
    Frank has nominated for you for the Thanks for everything you do” Tim Hortons gift card monthly draw. To accept this nomination please click this link to confirm your acceptance.

    Is this possible through Gravity forms?

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