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Feature Request: jQuery 'scrollTo' Filter

  1. Hi guys -

    Just a humble feature request. I consistently find the AJAX form submission to be a pretty uncomfortable UX experience. The scrollTo is a little too jarring and disorientating. I usually find myself digging into your plugin every upgrade to change the
    jQuery(document).scrollTop(" ... ")
    lines in form_display.php to something like
    jQuery('html, body').animate({scrollTop: ...}, 250)

    I think it gives the user a little more context as to what they're seeing after the jQuery submission and in fact like to back them up a couple dozen pixels from the top of the form anyways.

    I guess I could argue for changing that code completely, but I suspect there's some browser compatibility issues or such that need to be observed, so I think just adding a filter to the $scroll_position variables on lines 552 & 553 in form_display.php would be easier and more flexible anyways.

    Thanks for listening - and keep up the great work.

    Posted 9 years ago on Monday May 14, 2012 | Permalink