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Form for updating a customer's subscription?

  1. Hi -

    I just changed my MailChimp autoresponder series (including the initial welcome email) sent to new subscribers. This series is targeted at a specific "group" in this list (I created a new group in mailchimp).

    But I want to offer my existing subscribers a way to update their subscription so that they are subscribed to this new group and receive this new autoresponder series.

    Is there a way to have a Gravity form update a subscriber by changing them from one group to another (or just subscribing them to the new group in addition to the one they're already subscribed to)?

    If possible, I want to re-send them their Welcome email (which has been updated).

    I'll copy this question to MailChimp support as well...


    Posted 7 years ago on Monday March 11, 2013 | Permalink
  2. David Peralty

    They should be able to change their subscription by going through and entering in their subscription details on your form, but I don't know if it will trigger the welcome e-mail nor do I know if it will remove their current subscription, as this used to be an issue, and you'll want to create a test to confirm before opening it up to your members.

    Posted 7 years ago on Monday March 11, 2013 | Permalink