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Full or Recurring Option

  1. I configured the addon to successfully process the payment for a single product. After calling and turning on ARB, I enabled recurring billing through the GF addon but can't figure out how to set up recurring billing for the product. Ultimately, I would like to have two separate payment options for this product, one-time payment or recurring.

    We have two products, one is a full payment of $2,500 and the other is to be recurring. An initial $500 payment and two $1,000 payments, each a month apart.

    Currently we have a dropdown that shows/hides the two products (payment options).

    What can I do to create these two payment options for the application form?

    The application form is located

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  2. I would like to add that when creating a new feed, the addon did not ask me what transaction type I would like to use. It skipped straight to the form selection. We have enabled the ARB by ticking the checkbox.

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  3. I have the same questions. Any one know how to do this?

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  4. deerfield

    Same question here...

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  5. Kensup

    Go to your Forms options in wordpress, go to settings, and at the top there is an option. Click that, at the bottom you will see a check box with "ARB is setup in my account". Check it and save settings.

    Then go to the addon tab, from there either add your form, or edit your current form. Now at the that there are two drop down options, you can choose either "products or services" or "subscriptions"

    hope this helps!

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  6. A couple of additional nuance questions here:

    1. If you set the form up for (subscription) monthly payments, WHEN does payment debited from their account (I assume the same date as they signed up, e.g., the 1st, 12th, whatever.

    2. More importantly, how to do STOP charges when they request you do so?

    Please respond to:



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  7. John, the recurring payment is tied to the date they sign up. For item #2 - if you look at the bottom of this documentation: it will provide more info about canceling subscriptions.

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