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Gravity Forms and PHPFox

  1. dez

    I know I have asked before about easy integration with phpFox, but I wanted to ask if there is a developer that may be able to help me implement my gravity form into new site for client. Gravity form is by far the best form add-on I have found. Problem is.. I have built quite a difficult form on the companies old site.

    -Form is a questionnaire about Green living with a lot of conditional logic.
    -Each question has either a point or dollar value which is collected and stored in a custom database table with user id and score.
    -Upon completion, the user is shown tips and groups suggestions based on their score.
    -Scores are stored in database and user can come back to form at anytime and 'recalculate' their score as all their answers are reloaded into the form.
    -I have created a button on site - If user has not taken the quiz they are presented with a button that says "calculate your CQ (Consumption Quotient). If they have taken it.. The button changes to read - Your CQ score is "score", to recalculate, click here.
    -Their score is also posted on their wall saying "user" has just calculated their CQ with a score of "score".
    - I have also customized the progress bar with images pertaining to the page the user is on and once they have taken the test and their score is saved.. When they come back to recalculate, they can click on the images to jump through pages, rather than take the whole quiz again (12 pages)...

    So, as you can see.. I have a highly customized form and really want to use it on the new site, which is tied to the users in the phpfox database as we will be removing the old site.

    Is there a developer on hand that I can pay to help modify for the new site (phpfox)? Or is there a way that I can change the functions to point to the phpfox database of users, etc?

    I am really in a pinch here...I can be contacted at:

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