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How do I setup Gravity Forms so Wordpress uses that user registration form?

  1. I have setup the form,
    set up the user registration and linked them.

    I went through the forumn here but don't see any real answer or step by step answers.
    It still uses the Wordpress login...which is strange for a 'plugin' So, now what's next?

    I read this in the documentation, and then there is nothing more to configure?

    Setup a User Registration Feed
    1.Click on the User Registration navigation item on the Forms menu.
    2.Click on the “Add New” button to add a new User Registration Feed.
    3.Select the Gravity Form you would like to integrate with.
    4.Map the User Registration Fields to your available Form Fields. This is used to populate the user registration fields with the appropriate form fields when the form is submitted. For more information on available User Registration fields see #Standard Fields and #User Meta Fields.
    5.Under Additional Options, use the Send Email? option to specify whether you would like to send the password to the new user by email. This option is enabled by default.
    6.If desired, specify a Registration Condition. A Registration Condition allows you to conditionally register a user when the specified condition is met.

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  2. Bodhi

    Ya, same problem here... whats next please?

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  3. The User Registration Add-On is not going to replace the default WordPress Login screen. It does not provide login functionality.

    What it can do is allow you to override the default User Registration. So that the User Registration link that appears on the WordPress login page will link to a custom page you define.

    To do this you first need to create your registration form and use the user registration add-on to create a user registration feed for it so that it is creating users.

    Then you need to create a new Page in your WordPress site that will be your Registration page. You would display your user registration form on this page.

    After you have created the page you want to use for user registration you would then go to the User Registration Add-On main Settings page. You get to this page by going to Settings under Forms and then clicking on the User Registration link in the subnavigation.

    On the User Registration Settings page you would enable custom registration page and select which page is your registration page from a drop down. See this screenshot:

    Now, once you have done this the Register link on the WordPress login screen will direct to this page. See this screenshot:

    Please note, the Register link on the WordPress admin page is only going to appear if you have enabled "Anyone can register" in the WordPress General Settings.

    Once you have done the above correctly, the default WordPress registration link on the login page will direct to your custom registration page which displays your Gravity Forms form.

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  4. Bodhi

    Thanks Carl, very thorough explanation and easy once ya know.

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  5. I tried but find it tricky Pls can someone make short video explaining how to do this

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  6. So if it override the default User Registration is that mean fully function of password reminder ,login etc ? Do u mind to make short video explaining how to do this ?

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  7. Carl, I set up my custom user registration according to your instructions and it works perfectly. It took me a while to find this post though. It would be great if you could add your instructions to the User Registration Add-On documentation.

    By the way, I have a tutorial up at that goes through the process of installing Gravity Forms and setting a simple contact page. I'll probably be doing an update to it to cover your instructions above for the User Registration Add-On.

    Thanks for a great plugin!

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  8. I just posted a video tutorial for setting up the user registration page with GravityForms.

    I hope it helps.

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  9. Thanks for posting that video normfields.

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