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Is gravityforms suitable for this..

  1. fernandose

    Hi, I wanted to check if Gravity forms was capable of doing the follow.

    I would like to set up Gravity forms so that registered members can submit posts for review and have them published via authorisation from one of our authors.
    - There would be different post types that members could submit content to and a range of taxonomies that would require users to fill out.
    - I'm using a form, because it I think it would look cleaner than using the standard post page. Is it possible to customise the form template, arrange fields into columns etc...?
    - I currently use a plugin to auto-populate a few fields (movie scraper that automatically grabs movie title, abstract, year etc...) in the standard post page, would i be able to implement the mini scraper into the form to allow members to easily fill in their form?

    Also if a member submitted a custom-post-type-content via the form, who would be listed as the author of that post if wordpress roles do not allow registered memebers posting capabilities?


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  2. fernandose

    bump :)

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  3. Gravity Forms does support creating a post as a Draft that requires an Admin or Editor with publishing rights to publish it so that it is live.

    Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies are supported, however they aren't part of the form builder interface and require custom code and the use of available Gravity Forms API hooks to imiplement. It doesn't require changes to the plugin itself, but it does require PHP and WordPress development know how to implement.

    Fields can be arranged in columns, however this isn't how it is done by default. You would have to use CSS to customize the form layout. This requires strong CSS skills to float the fields properly.

    I'm not familiar with the plugin to auto-populate fields that you reference. It is possible to automatically populate fields, however again, this takes PHP and WordPress development know how to implement.

    I don't know what your skill level is with PHP and CSS but what you described would be a bunch of customizations that are certainly possible but if you don't have the PHP/CSS knowledge to implement you may have to hire a WordPress developer to assist you with the implementation.

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  4. fernandose

    Thanks for replying with a detailed response. Just a couple of follow up questions.

    So if gravityforms follows wordpress roles system, then even though a member submits content via the form, they won't be credited for it as it would be the author who publishes and be the 'author' of the article?

    My friend is the programmer so he will be doing the meat of customisations that I have been talking about.

    How does templating/styling the form work? Is there access to the coding of the form?

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  5. The way Gravity Forms works is you can decide to either 1) Set a default author for posts created or 2) If the user submitting the form is logged in you can set them as the author. Those are the two options. If you choose to set the author as the user who is logged in that filled out the form, it falls back to the Default author you set if the user isn't logged in.

    Styling is all done exclusively via CSS and jQuery for any advanced functionality. We don't recommend touching or changing the plugin code itself as that makes upgrades difficult for you.

    So anyone who is really good at CSS and jQuery can do some really complex and advanced customizations.

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