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is it possible to create a unique QR code from elements of the form

  1. I am looking to create an order form for youth sports photos ( think little league)
    the user would select their items for purchase, enter in the parent information, payment information and their players information and stats.
    The form would need to have a unique order number or invoice number & it would be emailed back to them with a 2D barcode ( QR code ) displayed/embeded on the form ( for scanning on photo day so we can tie the image to the data provided )

    I would like to determine which elements of the form are utilized for the QR code when designing the form.

    Can the QR code element be accomplished with gravity forms?

    thank you

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  2. Every form submission gets a unique entry ID which you could use for the order number.

    Sounds like you would need to generate a QR code of the URL to the entry (which will contain all the data they submitted) Then, that QR code needs to be embedded in the notification, which they could then print and bring to the photo day. You'd scan that, and your browser would be taken directly o the admin section where their entry is located.

    If they have and chose to scan the QR code on their form, out of curiousity, they would just be directed to log in to your site which is not a big deal, since they could not, and everyone is already aware that you can log in to a WordPress site at

    You would need something to happen before the notification is sent, so you can send the QR code in their notification. The place to do that would be the form_pre_submission_filter: However, the entry ID is not available at the time of pre-submission: it's generated when the entry is stored. You could use a web service with an API to generate the QR code ( here's one ) or install a PHP library on your server to generate the QR code ( like ), but in either case, to have the entry ID, it has to happen after the entry is created so you have the ID. By the time you have the ID, the notification was already sent. It's a catch 22.

    You could create a QR code at the time of pre-submission, using the gform _pre_submission_filter, but it would have to be comprised of the information they entered into the form, rather than the entry ID. Maybe that is sufficient? At that point though, if they have their printed notification in hand with all the information, your QR code has all the same information and provides nothing new.

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  3. Thank you for your reviewing the links and your suggestions I guess the QR Code having the same info as entered is no problem as long as there is no payment data incorporated in it. While taking in all the information and having no previous WP experience I guess I should ask, how much hand holding will I get if I purchase the gravity license and try in incorporate the QR code feature into my form?

    thank you again


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  4. It would require some hand holding. I'm not sure how much. I have not see anyone incorporate this functionality yet. Thinking it through when I wrote the reply, it did not seem there was anything impossible to do.

    If you want to find help or get quotes before you make a purchase and start on your project, you can post an inquiry on our job board, or at a site like

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  5. Chris thank you for your time!

    i will try those inks...i have had some success with this idea on a form building site- the QR code is actually only needed on the conformation email, on their site it was a matter of adding 3 lines of html to the notification page...

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  6. Great. Happy to hear you found a solution.

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