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Is this possible with the UR addon?

  1. We have a form where a coach can submit his team roster:

    What we're wondering is this:

    Can we use the User Registration add-on to assign a user ID to every coach who submits his that later, the coach can log-in and see his roster in the future for other tournaments? We want the coach to be able to access his info and make edits to it if needed. Is this possible?

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  2. The user registration add-on will register WordPress users. If your coaches register, they become WordPress users.

    It sounds like you want the coach to be able to come back and edit the information they submitted. Will their submission be stored as a WordPress post, or just as the entry? There is no built in way to allow someone who submitted a form to come back and edit there entry, but there might be a way to do it using a 3rd party add-on. But it depends if you are creating posts, or just storing the information in an entry.

    Here is one way to edit a single entry:

    Here is a way to edit a post on the front end:

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  3. Does GF integrate with any membership plugins that might allow this?

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  4. There is no specific integration with any membership plugin, that I know of.

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  5. Would you kindly watch this video:

    I'm thinking a client portal solution may work but I'd still like to use GF to integrate with it. In your opinion, could it be done?

    Here is the issue:

    I work for a sports complex. We had a custom website built some time ago by a lone web developer who we are trying to move away from. We have decided to rebuild our website using WordPress. The problem is: some of the functionality of the “old site” seems to have been customized, so now we’re painstakingly trying to recreate all of that functionality using a combination of WP plugins, etc. On the old site, we have a few hundred members, each with a unique member ID. We’d have to be able to import those members and their respective data into WP somehow.

    Oooookay (deep breath), here’s what we need to be able to do:

    1. We use Gravity Forms to collect baseball tournament registrations. We would like to somehow connect GFs to a membership platform (or client portal) and assign all members a member ID. So basically, the procedure looks like this:

    Person fills out our GFs registration form —> Form asks “are you currently a member?”
    - Person checks “yes” and they are prompted to enter their member ID
    - Person checks “no” and the price of membership is added to their registration price

    —> If they are, in fact, a member, their member ID is validated against the list of members/IDs. If they are not a member, they are assigned a member ID and directed to set up a profile after registration.

    The member profile needs to have specific capabilities. For example, if a coach registers his team for a tournament, he can submit his roster to us online (using one of our GFs). Ideally, his profile will keep track of any/all activity. So, if he submitted his roster to us back in March, and he wants to make some small changes to it, he can do so in his profile and re-submit it to us. His profile also shows if his membership is current, when he will have to renew, if he has team insurance, etc… He can also add/edit/maintain different teams and rosters.

    Please tell me this is somehow possible. We’re killing ourselves trying to find a real solution to this and the existing web developer is pulling the plug on our site at the end of the year, so we’re in a real time crunch!

    Thank you for any/all help!

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  6. That is an extensive customization and will likely require the assistance of a developer to help you. It's beyond the support we can offer here. I don't see anything in your request that can't be accomplished with WordPress and Gravity Forms.

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