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mapping issue with list field

  1. Hi,
    i am trying to capture the pricing rates of the instructor who opt-in in my list using sign-up form.
    i need to capture the following the different rates and store it in mailchimp to allow me to do proper grouping.

    Instructor will fill in the Group Rate in the form:
    1. Kids - $60
    2. Adults - $200
    3. Ladies - $240

    To do that, I am using advanced field: Lists but the list format as shown below:

    however, there isnt a similar list field in mail chimp. how then do i store this information in mailchimp which will allow me to do grouping ?

    Pse kindly advise ? or is there a cleaner way to do it ?

    best tony

    Posted 11 years ago on Tuesday April 23, 2013 | Permalink
  2. Tony, did you still need assistance with this issue, or were you able to work around it?

    Posted 11 years ago on Monday May 27, 2013 | Permalink