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Multi Forms/CSV Export

  1. Hello, I do web design as a hobby and I have been helping a local Non profit company, for free, and currently they have four forms: Contact Us, Donation Form, Volunteer Application, and a Holiday Adopt-A-Family Application. To keep it simple for them I am creating the site, with WP, so that all they have to do is log in the WP panel to do everything from A to Z. By default I will keep the contact form as is (It just sends it to the WP admin email) However they need control over the other three forms, in regards to see who is making donations/signing up to volunteer. If I purchase this system for them is it possible they could log in the WP panel click on the gravity forms tab and download the three different CSV files separately? (There will be one employee that is in charge of all three forms).



    Posted 9 years ago on Thursday April 5, 2012 | Permalink