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Multipy Mailchimp accounts for Business Account

  1. leonardchiu

    Hi support,

    we have 2 different mailchimp accounts that uses a GF business license. The first site was ok but when we try to setup the second website, we encounter problems. I tried talking to Mailchimp and they have replied indicating that based on the error message, it is likely be that gravity forms version / license do not allows several mailchimp accounts setup.

    Our company has a few subsidiary companies therefore it is important to maintain several mailchimp accounts to better managed our email marketing campaigns. If that is the case, please check and revert on how we can go around this problem. We didn't pick up this during our purchase and reading through the FAQ.

    Please refer to this link of our communications with Mailchimp API Support:


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  2. Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On currently supports 1 MailChimp account per site. Not 1 per license, but 1 per site. The Settings page for the MailChimp Add-On is where the API key is stored so you can't use multiple MailChimp accounts on the same site.

    But from what you described, that isn't the case. It sounds like you have multiple sites. There shouldn't be a problem with this. It should work.

    What exactly is the problem you encounter? I would double check that the API key you are using is 100% correct. If it isn't, it won't validate.

    There are currently no known issues with the MailChimp Add-On. The most common issue we have run into is users not copy-n-pasting the correct API key or not copy-n-pasting the full API key. If it's not 100% correct, it won't validate by the MailChimp API.

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  3. leonardchiu

    Hi Carl,

    Yes I find it strange too. I copied and paste as per suggested, tried a few other API keys still I couldn't get it to validate. I got an error msg when the inserted api try to communicate with mailchimp datacenter indicating that I am communication with the wrong datacenter. I have talked to my server host about this and they have confirm that the whitelist URL address is correct. Talked to mailchimp support they confirm it is not a problem with my host as the communication did went through to their datacenter but error was detected. Please see the link to my communication w mailchimp support.
    Any help? Or suggestions what I should do?

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  4. There response doesn't apply because we don't set the data center. The API key and their MailChimp API wrapper handles this. We don't know anything about their data centers. We rely on their PHP wrapper which handles the API integration, we simply pass the API key you enter for validation with their API.

    What version of the MailChimp Add-On are you using? Is it the latest version?

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  5. leonardchiu

    Yes sir, I am using the latest version Mailchimp add-on 1.5.
    Last check still not working.
    Any other suggestions?

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  6. Send us a WordPress Admin login for the site having the issue, and the MailChimp login for the account having the issue and we can investigate. Short of debugging directly on your site there is no way to determine the issue.

    Nobody else is reporting an issue and past issues like this one have been due to user error when copy-n-pasting the API key and omitting the last few characters which contain the data center information (ex. -us1). So we would have to debug it on your site.

    You can send the necessary information to us via our Contact Us form here:

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  7. leonardchiu

    Hi Carl,

    I have sent some details via your contact us form. Please look into it.


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  8. While it does appear those API keys aren't validating on your site, they work perfectly fine on our test sites. I've made screenshots showing each of them validating properly on our test site and sent those to you via email along with this response. I won't include them here as I don't want to publish your API keys.

    So the API keys are correct and there is nothing wrong with Gravity Forms itself or the interaction with MailChimp.

    I am, however, having a problem just getting to the MailChimp Settings page on your site. When it finally loads the API key isn't validated. This points to a web server issue. Your web server is having trouble communicating with MailChimp. It functions very slowly because it's trying to communicate with MailChimp to validate the key and then finally it just quits trying and returns the key as invalid.

    This issue appears to be web server related. It's possible your server is configured to block outgoing requests, which is why the API key request to MailChimp isn't executing. You may need to discuss this with your web host. Nobody else is experiencing this issue and we are unable to reproduce it locally using the same version of Gravity Forms and the MailChimp Add-On which means it's a server environment issue. We have seen instances of web hosts who were blocking outgoing requests which is why API requests wouldn't work when interacting with 3rd party services.

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