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Must determine before purchase

  1. krshoffner

    So I have already purchased the Single Site License, mostly for testing and seeing how it functioned. So far, I like it, but there are a few things that don't completely jump out at me, so I need to ask to know if this is possible (and quick to implement)...

    I am doing work for a Non-Profit, so already - they don't have much money, or time.
    They would like to be able to send potential Members to sign-up using a custom form, but then that information is stored until some one approves it on their end, and once approved the new Member becomes an USER (with username/password) and has different permissions.

    * So in Outline format, it would go something like this...
    * The site is 95% open to the public for everything, except 1 document (only for Members)
    * The visitor then completes form (, as example)
    * All of that information is stored and an Admin looks it over and approves.
    * Once approved, the Admin clicks a button, all of the stored data is then moved to the USER area of the Admin Tools.
    * Now that new User can login (wp-login.php or whatever) and see the "hidden page" only for users (we will just say "" for an example)

    If once USER information is moved to USERS table, there is a way to send Emails to all Members (via WordPress, MailChimp, etc).

    Now I see the Developer Licenses mentions MailChimp and as of 12/21/2010 there is an User Management Add-on ( but since I can't really see any screenshots, or see it function, I need to know if I can use the Add-ons to make what I am trying to do work???

    Of course, I still would like a completely custom registration form (as seen above), or I would have just used WishList

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  2. krshoffner

    Should this be posted some where else? I am just trying to find out if the investment is going to be worth it for my needs.

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  3. The User Registration Add-On can create users. However, there is no moderation. Users are created right away, unless you use the PayPal Add-On in which case you can set it up so Users are only created after payment is received.

    So the User Registration does not have the ability to delay registering the user until after an admin approves the registration. This is, however, a neat idea and something we can consider adding as a feature in the User Registration Add-On.

    HOWEVER what you could accomplish something similar if you change the workflow slightly. Use the Members plugin for managing user roles, setup a new custom role specifically for new users who haven't been approved yet. This role wouldn't have access to the pages that require the user be approved.

    You could then have the admin review the application in the Entries, and if he wants to approve it he can edit the user and change the user role to the approved user role.

    You could then use the Members plugin to manage access to pages/posts that should only be accessible by whichever role you want to use for the approved user.

    So while it doesn't support the delayed registration there are always multiple ways to accomplish a task in WordPress. Using a temporary role, assign the user to it when they fill out the registration form, then have an admin approve them and change their role to whichever role you want to use for the approved role (ex. Subscriber, Member, whatever).

    The Members plugin is a great plugin for role management and access control. It can be downloaded here:

    The bonus feature you mentioned would be possible, however it would require the user fill out another form that only members can access to be added to your MailChimp list. If you did the MailChimp integration on the registration form, all users would be added to MailChimp and not just the approved ones.

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  4. krshoffner

    Carl, thanks for the reply! Very helpful, but I am still concerned about 1 or 2 things...
    With the User Add-on can new Members/Users do the following?
    > Edit their own information (as mentioned below)?

    Does the User Add-on have?
    > Custom Field capabilities? Basically if I want to add Telephone, Mailing Address, and Company of the User/Member, can this be done and can the User then be able to modify if they change jobs?

    These features are important to this particular Non-Profit - enough so, they have mentioned it to two other organizations who have already contacted me about the same features. If this can be done, I will purchase the Developer FULL license right now!!!
    They just want to make sure their Paying Members can login, update their profiles as needed, but also have more fields than what Wordpress currently offers

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  5. krshoffner

    Maybe if somebody could send me a screenshot of what types of things are offered in the Users Add-on, I can determine if that will be enough also...

    I'm afraid to spend another $150 to find out I cannot do a few general things with the User profiles.

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  6. The Add-On only creates users. In order to edit their profile they would login to the WordPress admin for your site and edit their profile information there. This is how WordPress handles profiles on our standard installs, they wouldn't have access to everything in your Admin, only things you have given them access to via role management such as the ability to edit their profile or change their password. If you want advanced profile capabilities you would have to use a plugin.

    Gravity Forms is a tool for capturing data, it doesn't provide advanced user profile capabilities and front end user interface for user profiles. There are other plugins that do that.

    Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On supports custom user meta and BuddyPress profile fields. So yes, it supports custom profile fields. HOWEVER as mentioned above it's only for creating the user, it doesn't currently allow them to edit their profile. They would do that in the admin or via another profile plugin.

    The User Registration Add-On allows you to create a Gravity Form that creates a user. It can be paired with the PayPal Add-On and allow you charge for registrations. A screenshot of the User Registration integration when setting it up to work with a form looks like this:

    That screenshot doesn't show the BuddyPress integration, which adds the ability to populate BuddyPress profile fields just like User Meta.

    Again, the Add-On only creates the user based on the settings you configure. What happens after that is up to other plugins or built in WordPress functionality.

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  7. krshoffner

    Carl, thanks again and did get the screenshot, but am still confused about one thing (sorry for being so dense).

    You mentioned "Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On supports custom user meta and BuddyPress profile fields. So yes, it supports custom profile fields." For clarification from the screenshot, does that mean?

    -- If I click on the (+) sign next to the BIO field (as seen in the screenshot), I can then type in a field name like "Company Name" and select it from the Drop-down box?
    -- If so, does the drop-down box populate from the FORM I have selected at the top (screenshot shows a Form called "Registration Form")

    More or less, what I am trying to determine is:
    If my custom Gravity Form contains a field with Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, etc - then I can just chose them from the SELECT drop-down box from this Add-on?
    And then it will display for the USER when they login to the Admin Area (i.e. wp-login.php)

    Please see this URL ( for a screenshot of what I "think" this will do, but want to confirm...

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  8. krshoffner

    Also Carl, when you get to the above question - can you also tell me, can I get a refund if I purchase the Developer license, and it doesn't support the above needs?
    As long as I can have full CUSTOM fields in the USER fields, I should be okay.

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  9. You can use Gravity Forms to populate user meta, including custom meta that you create. See this screenshot:

    HOWEVER currently it does NOT add an interface for this custom meta on the WordPress profile page like in your screenshot. This is where you would have to either write the code to include the custom meta on the profile page, or use a plugin that provides this functionality.

    Gravity Forms only provides the registration form and only creates the user. It can populate user meta, including custom user meta, and BuddyPress data but it does NOT provide any profile user interface or editing tools. After the user is created, it's up to your site to handle the rest (theme, plugins, custom code, etc.).

    Gravity Forms wouldn't know where it is supposed to go, what order it is supposed to be displayed in, etc. We would like to add the ability to also handle displaying the custom meta information on the profile page, but we have to think through the implementation.

    We don't currently have an official refund policy. Contact me via our Contact Us form and we can discuss your situation further before you purchase.

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  10. I would also like the user moderation function. I tried installing "Absolute Privacy" plugin for the moderation, but when a user registers via the Gravity Forms form it goes right through without moderating it. My client's site is also a non-profit site but they want events (Event Espresso) only available to members. I'll see if I can use role management for the moderation. Please add this capability to a future update.

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  11. @onealkl Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On is a v1.0 product. We plan on adding additional features in the future. Currently the user is registered immediately.

    If you need to "moderate" you would have to install a plugin such as Justin Tadlock's Members plugin which implements role management and the ability to create and edit Roles in WordPress.

    You would create a custom role and name it something like "Pending" and then you could go to Users and view users with that role and approve them by changing their role to "Subscriber" or whatever it needs to be.

    Members can be found here:

    We do plan on implementing Moderation functionality to the Add-On in the future.

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  12. Thank you!

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