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Need form user to be post author

  1. Hi,

    I've created a form for visitors to quickly post content to my blog. Everything is working perfectly (love Gravity Forms!). Is there anyway that the official author of the post be the visitor's name who completed the form, not one of the registered users or admins of the site?

    Thank you!


    Posted 13 years ago on Wednesday September 15, 2010 | Permalink
  2. Sorry - didn't put the full url of the form:

    Thank you!


    Posted 13 years ago on Wednesday September 15, 2010 | Permalink
  3. Yes, you can do this by editing either the Post Title or Post Body field on your form and for the author check the checkbox under Post Author that says to use logged in user as the post author. If the user is logged in, they will then be used as the post author. If the user is not logged in, the default author will be used.

    Posted 13 years ago on Wednesday September 15, 2010 | Permalink
  4. TymB

    Yes, but if they are not logged in (and are not a registered user) how do you set the default author to be the first name/last name they are entering on the form?

    The only options I see in the dropdown for default authors are already registered users and the admin of the WP blog.

    Posted 12 years ago on Sunday December 12, 2010 | Permalink
  5. @TymB You can't currently. They have to be logged in. A WordPress user has to exist to assign them as the author. I've heard TDO allows this, and it sounds like a hack. We can look into how they are handling this, but we would prefer to keep it within WordPress best practices and avoid hacks.

    Posted 12 years ago on Monday December 13, 2010 | Permalink
  6. TymB

    I suppose that is best for now. I'm getting around it by posting their name into the first line of the body of the draft post, then the editors can do what they need.

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  7. I would pay for a plugin or higher license to do this. It's the only reason why I still run a small set of sites on Tumblr. Ideally, I'd love to let users fill in their name and URL and that would display on any author metadata displayed in the post.

    Posted 12 years ago on Friday April 29, 2011 | Permalink
  8. fknandrew

    I would also appreciate it if letting a non-registered user's name be used as the author. I am making a Q and A site and it seems quite important to know who is asking the question.

    Posted 12 years ago on Friday May 20, 2011 | Permalink
  9. hazel

    I also would really benefit from this capability. It was the reason I originally used TDO forms, and it is the one thing that I need but don't have now that I have moved to Gravity forms. Curious to know if there have been any developments on this since last December when the Admin last answered, and/or if there are any plans to develop it in the future.

    Posted 12 years ago on Friday August 5, 2011 | Permalink
  10. @hazel, if you require the first and last name, you could always display the first and last name in the post, something like this in your content template:

    This post was submitted by unregistered user {Name (First):4.3} {Name (Last):4.6}

    The post would be created by whichever user you select as default for this form. You could create an "Unregistered User" and then attribute all posts to them, and still display this information in the post body. I guess it matters what your use case is, but for fknadnrew I think this would work (although a better solution there would be a forum with registered users I think.)

    If you've already purchased Gravity Forms, you can start a new topic referencing this post and we can help you configure it there.

    Posted 12 years ago on Saturday August 6, 2011 | Permalink
  11. @Chris - That might just do the trick; took me about an hour trying to figure that out till finding this post. :)

    It allows html to be included in the content template if I got it correct; allowing users to be attributed to their site if any. However, would there be any way to have conditions in the post content template (ie: if field "website title" and "website url" exists, includes line "of 'website_title'" -- in content template)?

    Running the Gravity Forms on:

    Posted 12 years ago on Saturday October 1, 2011 | Permalink
  12. Conditional content templates are not built in to Gravity Forms 1.5 or 1.6. But you can do it by creating a custom content template in your functions.php using the gform_post_submission hook.

    Does this help at all?

    Posted 12 years ago on Saturday October 1, 2011 | Permalink
  13. hi
    i m just curious about it
    how can i put "post link" like "continue to your post"link" after submission

    after user have completed post form

    Posted 11 years ago on Saturday November 26, 2011 | Permalink
  14. @amliy - please start a new topic with your issue in the future so we can give you individual attention. Also, we try not to handle support in the pre-purchase forums. But this one is simple.

    I do it like this:
    [a href="{post_id}"]Continue to your post[/a] but using the proper HTML angle brackets.

    That shortlink will be expanded based on your permalink settings to a pretty permalink if applicable. The {post_id} merge tag is available in the drop down on the confirmation page.

    Posted 11 years ago on Tuesday November 29, 2011 | Permalink

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