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Need GF Created ASAP

  1. Howdy Gravity Form Expert,
    I need a Menu Order Form built.
    Here's the demo page:
    Two Page Form
    First Page will display 125 products and allow the user to order quantities of each.
    Second Page will show summary of the first page ordered menu items plus total cost including 8% tax.
    Also on second page form elements:
    Booking contact
    Booking tel
    Booking date
    Booking e-mail
    Booking time
    Delivery address
    Site telephone #
    Site contact name
    Site e-mail
    Billing address
    Delivery day and time (window of 30 minutes)
    Total of the order
    Tax free
    Special instructions (notes)
    +++END FORM+++
    I don't need you to create the ENTIRE first page of the form.

    In fact, I don't need you to add to the first page form at all EXCEPT for **one important part**:
    I have a Menu Item that Includes a Quantity box (minimum 6) and a conditional form beneath it.
    Like so:
    Menu Item: The Executive Sandwich, PRICE: $22.00 Quauntity: [ ]
    Description: Marcia’s sandwich sampler with a choice of two side salads & a tray of our favorite cookies & bars
    +++ Upon Entering Quantity for the above item (minimum 6), the user should get options below. The total number they put into the options should be equal to the number in the box above.
    Basically, they're specifying the types of sandwiches.
    So if they enter a 6 in the box above, they must total 6 in the boxes below.
    Please select sandwiches:
    The Indienne qty: [ ]
    Little Romeo qty: [ ]
    The Greek Wrap qty: [ ]
    Little Caesar Wrap qty: [ ]
    Cobb Wrap qty: [ ]
    So, that's it. Please let me know if you're interested in taking this on and completing it by end of day, Thursday 4/11. And, naturally, the cost associated.

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