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Output form results?

  1. ewait1

    2 questions

    1. I'm building a site that will offer business cards and custom address stamps. I need a form that will allow people to enter their name, address, etc. and then once they submit that information the results are shown somewhere else allowing them to verify the information is accurate. Can Gravity Forms handle that?

    2. Part of the form will allow them to choose from a list of fonts. I'm thinking a drop down but each line of the drop down will be in the font choices. Is that possible within Gravity Forms?

    Thanks in advance.

    Posted 9 years ago on Wednesday July 3, 2013 | Permalink
  2. David Peralty

    1.) You could use the Pre-Submission Confirmation tutorial here to give you that feature as it isn't built-in to Gravity Forms -

    2.) You could definitely have a dropdown for font selection. Of course, it won't show that element in that font, because we don't have a way to do that, but with some fancy conditional logic, you should show an example of a font based on selection by revealing/hiding an image based on user selection.

    Posted 9 years ago on Wednesday July 3, 2013 | Permalink

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