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Please share your work

  1. Hello folks.

    Gravity Forms seems to have limitless possibilities. If you have any creative/innovative/ingenious/cool GF implementations that you are proud of - I'm hoping you might consider sharing them here. It might serve as inspiration, or might even land you some work from those of us who are less, um, technically inclined. It would also be terrific to hear about success metrics for your projects.

    Thanks in advance!


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  2. As a web developer myself, I'm constantly looking to save time, and Gravity Forms is perhaps the best form builder I've found. I've created a number of form on my own site that I think are just the best things since sliced bread.

    I allow others to advertise their links on my site. They do it for the PR link juice. Before Gravity forms I did everything by hand, and that was fine. What I missed out on was the self-service aspect though. People would have to contact me and there would be some back and forth before a deal was struck. Now, with this form here: I don't have to have that back and forth. Plus, I was able to configure the form to provide a one time charge with a recurring monthly amount after the 6 months at a different rate. Less time spent on my end, and more "do it yourself" ability on the visitors end.

    I also created a testimonial form that I request all clients use after their projects are completed. This helps me improve my services to others. I used some dynamic aspects of the form builder to only show certain sections when certain values are provided:

    An easy way for me to collect payments of invoices: This has helped me decrease my accounts receivables by making it easy for others to make their payments.

    There are a few others I've built, and I have some more in mind for the future.

    Gravity Forms, in my professional opinion, is the best form builder I've found for WordPress. Hands-down the best.

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  3. Thanks for taking the time to respond @waynejohn! Great stuff!


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  5. Cool form smartsec. Thanks for sharing it.

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