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Plugin Configuration - Multi page form w/ ability to save and navigate freely

  1. ZeadsDead

    NAME: Benjamin H
    START: One or two weeks from this posting
    END: Within 7 days of job starting

    We need an 8 page form that allows the user to navigate to any page of the form at anytime, as well as automatically save their inputs into our WP database so the user can come back later to finish the form.

    We have a Membership WP website.

    We need to create an 8 page form.

    Because the form is long, we want to provide the user the option to save any page and come back later. We would include a SAVE button at the bottom of each page but we also want an automatic save to occur every 10 seconds.

    We want the user to have the option to navigate to any page of the form, instead of being forced to go in order (as is the case with standard GF multi-page form). We will have a navbar with all 8 pages listed so the user can click on any page they want.

    After user submits the form, they will then be placed into a new Membership level.

    After user submits the form, they will be shown a confirmation page that displays all their input. There will be a print button.

    - 8 page form
    - Free navigation to any page
    - Conditional Logic & Dynamic Population
    - Save Function ( )
    - Tooltips ( )
    - Conditional Confirmation ( )
    - Pre-Submission Confirmation Page ( )
    - Merge Tags for Dyn Population ( )

    I *think* I have my solution but I am not experienced enough to institute it.

    More importantly, I will likely hire a candidate that provides a creative solution to this problem and can show that they know how to institute it.

    This task does not look overly difficult. But it is worth noting that my form will have about 300 questions, many of which are conditional format.

    In a nutshell, please tell me your:

    1. proposed solution
    2. cost
    3. time table for completion


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