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Purchase PayPal addon separately

  1. Hello

    I would like to use gravity forms on my site but do not wish to pay $200 for a developers licence. I simply require a personal license with the paypal plugin.

    Is the paypal plugin available for standalone purchase?


    Posted 11 years ago on Saturday December 3, 2011 | Permalink
  2. Add-On access is dependent upon which Gravity Forms license you purchase. A breakdown of Add-On access can be found here:

    The PayPal Add-On is only available with the Developer License. It cannot be added to the Personal License. Our system is automated and the Add-On manager knows what type of key you have and either allows you to access that add-on or denies you access based on the type of license you own.

    The reason why some Add-Ons such as the PayPal Add-On, User Registration Add-On and the Authorize.Net Add-On (currently in alpha testing) are only available to Developer License customers is because of the complexity of these types of add-ons increase the support load.

    If we included the more advanced Add-Ons with the Personal License we would be crushed by support from less savvy users needing extensive hand holding to understand everything associated with these Add-Ons, ecommerce, etc.

    One thing to keep in mind is you can upgrade at an time. So if you want to stick with the Personal License for now you can. You can then upload to the Gravity Forms Developer License when you decide the time is right. Upgrades can be done either via the Settings page of Gravity Forms or the My Account page of this support site if you own a license key.


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  3. I want to set up PayPal integration with a form on a client's website but I don't have the developer's license. I totally understand the increase in support but I feel like you guys are missing out on a lot of business especially since Formidable Pro personal license and other form generators integrate with PayPal.

    A possible solution: Making the PayPal add-on available and make it clear that support does not cover premium add-ons for personal licenses. That way, people with personal licenses can use the plugin and you won't be overwhelmed with support requests. Win-win right :)

    That would also give you an opportunity to get people to upgrade once they purchased the personal license if they find that it's too complex to figure out on their own. I could be missing something, but that was my initial take. I've heard great things about Gravity Forms and will most likely eventually purchase the developer's license.


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  4. David Peralty

    It isn't just support, but also continued development costs. If you want access to the Paypal Add-ons, please upgrade to the developer license. We think it is worthwhile. All my best!

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  5. Understandable, thanks for the reply David!

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