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Query posts database using form fields

  1. (Posted previously in support forums)

    Hello, thanks for your work.

    During last year using gravity forms, I have been wondering if we can use gravity form not only to populate and pre-populate a value but to filter these values, I mean, to filter posts database.

    For example, I have three custom taxonomies (fruits, regions and quality) and I can filter and order them using these taxonomies (it is the same that you get via admin ui or using query multiple taxonomies plugins:

    Using gravity, I have three form fields populated with these taxonomies and I can create new posts with its taxonomies and so on; what I am asking if once I choose a taxonomy (for example: apple), it could be used to filter the rest (for example: in the following taxonomy, region, showing just regions containing apples; in the post content, showing post contents with apple taxonomy; in the post title, showing post titles with apple taxonomy; etc). Now, If I choose apple, having them just in California and Florida regions, region taxonomy show me "California, Nevada, Indiana, Florida" and It would be great if it could be queried and filtered on the fly, showing just California and Florida. I have checked and tried to pass data via a query string, but not sure that it would be the best way, because you are redirected to another url and the pick is to stay in the form in order to continue populating it.

    Furthermore, in accordance to aforesaid, I am struggling to find the way to prepopulate fields when you have a unique value. For example, if I have an apple class, named "Gravinia", with its features (colour, shape, weight, period, taste, etc), I want to populate these features-values each time "Gravinia" type is chosen, cause "Gravinia" apple is a unique value in the database (Gravinia would be like the ID). I am thinking, for more example, in the way Freshbooks invoicing system let you "save items" that you could use later, saving you having to write some invoices features again and again; other example could be found in Paypal invoicing system where you could save item descriptions, populating theme once you write item ID, item title (or your item reference).

    My goal is to produce all my company documents through wordpress, and gravity forms could be a solid way to get it.

    It's just (realizing it needs work to achieve that functionality) loop posts using gravity forms.

    Thank you!

    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday May 2, 2013 | Permalink
  2. Thank you for the feature request.

    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday May 2, 2013 | Permalink