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Questions about the file / image uploader....

  1. I have an odd request. I am looking for a couple of things in a custom form on my site...

    1. Must have an image uploader: I will be accepting large images from clients to sell on my site. The images will have a MINIMUM size restriction of 1500x2000 or LARGER. Is this possible with this form?
    2. Can we review the form online or do the uploaded images come to my email address? Is there a way to download the uploaded images easily?
    3. Can you set the form up with a quick user / pw and attach multiple image uploads if they have already registered with my company?

    I would appreciate a timely response! Thanks for the support!


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  2. In the future please make sure you post to the correct forum. Your post was not posted to the Pre-Sales Question forum which is why you were initially unable to access it. Also do not post the same request multiple times, your duplicate requests have been deleted and we have responded below.

    1) Setting size restrictions on image specifications with the File Upload field is not possible. The only restrictions currently are related to the file extensions. We will be enhancing this to restrict uploads based on file size in the future.

    However, I don't see us ever adding restrictions based on dimensions of an image as that it too specialized and requires the file to be uploaded and analyzed before it even knows the dimensions.

    2) All form data is stored in your WordPress database and is viewable and accessible in your WordPress admin by going to the Entries area of Gravity Forms. Any files uploaded via the file upload field can be downloaded from there. You can also configure email notifications so that the form data is emailed when the form is submitted. Files uploaded via a form are not included with this email as a file attachment, however a link to download the file can be included.

    3) Gravity Forms does not log users into your site, so there is no username/password field related to logging them into your site. In Gravity Forms v1.6 you can restrict a form so that only a logged in user can fill it out, and if they aren't logged in you could choose to display a different form.

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  3. Hi,

    It´s possible to set a different location where the uploaded files store?.
    In my case my client wants the user fill a form and include a file, video file, and this file have to go directly to another FTP, not the same as the site WP is.

    It´s possible to change the localtion of the file folder or destination?

    Much thanx.

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  4. You could use the gform_pre_submission hook to hijack the upload and send it somewhere else, rather than your server.

    Please see this post:

    Specifically, this third party tutorial:

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