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Questions before purchasing...

  1. Cesco

    I have some questions:

    * I see that the time field accepts a value in 12-hour format. Is it possible to accept a date in 24-hour format ?

    * Is it possible to validate an entered date? For example is it possible to accept a date only if it's not christmas *and* if the day of the week is not wednesday ?

    * When a form is filled and sent, is it possible to ask GravityForms to send immediately a (courtesy?) e-mail to the customer? For example to tell him/her that "his/her request has been received and that it will be answered as soon as possible" ?

    * Is the plugin working with custom smtp configurations? My website is actually hosted on Webfaction, and I'm using another plugin to set a custom SMTP server (that connects with authorized login and password). Will GravityForms work in this environment?

    * If tomorrow I'll purchase a single-site license, will it be possible for me to upgrade to a 5-sites license in the future? And how much will I have to pay for this license upgrade?

    Thank you very much

    Posted 9 years ago on Sunday December 19, 2010 | Permalink
  2. * Currently the Time field is only a 12 hour field. We do have plans to enhance it and make a 24 hour option as well as add a seconds field option.

    * I'm assuming your date limitation question is regarding the Datepicker. These limitation features aren't built in. However the Datepicker was built using the jQuery UI datepicker, and it has an API that allows you to customize it using jQuery to limit dates, etc. But you would have to read up on the jQuery UI documentation and write a little custom code.

    * Gravity Forms supports 2 notification emails for each form. An Admin Notification that is designed to go to the Admin (ex. YOU) and a User Notification that is designed to go to the user that submitted the form (ie. an autoresponder). So yes, it can send an email immediately after the form is submitted to the user submitting the form. This is configurable and customizable.

    * Gravity Forms uses the built in WordPress wp_mail() function. If you want to use SMTP then you canuse the WP Mail SMTP Plugin to implement SMTP on your WordPress site. Gravity Forms would send via SMTP with this activated and configured.

    * You can upgrade at anytime by contacting us and requesting an upgrade coupon code. You would pay the difference between the two licenses.

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  3. Cesco

    Thank you for your clarification. I need to validate dates in a form I'm going to use for a restaurant website, to tell a customer immediately if the restaurant is closed on that particular day of the year. I was hoping to check for some fixed dates, but if I could verify the entered date in a database that would be even better of course...

    So unless I misunderstood, I have to modify the source code of each form myself. I was hoping that there was a "validator" option in the form editor that I could enable and then add some custom javascript (/jQuery) code that returns a boolean value, that GF could invoke to check entered values; of course not only for the datepicker but also for the other fields.

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  4. No, you don't modify the source code of the form itself. You would add some custom jQuery to your theme that tells the jQuery datepicker to not show certain dates.

    Here is documentation on the jQuery UI datepicker:

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