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Quiz Form

  1. Re: Aggregate quiz results/reporting is not included in this release" Can we still export the data from the form for all entries? Then use Excel to further filter the xml file for aggregate results?

    If you want to know how important aggregate results are, think of using these types of forms in hiring senarios. Where we would want to sort out the applicants with the highest scores for calling them in for interviews.

    Or for double blind screening of applicants. By sorting for specific field results. To find key applicants. This type of procedure was highly successful in the late nineties utilized by video game companies to search out beta testers for their upcoming products.

    Another scenario is for internal use, where a group of employees is compared to another group of employees in determining which group is best suited for specific projects.

    The use of quizzes in GF's cuts costs down considerably, because online initial use, can pre-determine and filter who to segment and take to the next level.

    So the aggregate filtering features will be essential in using this add-on form ore than fun and games for site visitors to engage with. It can be used as a great H&R Application as well. And with the aggregate filtering feature, save costs in determining who to talk to first.

    This cannot be done with generic resumes. That is the past. The furture is pre-designed applications such as GF forms and addon quizzes to pre-determine applicable candidates for employment.

    I'll go one step further and tell you this application would be greatly used by educational institutions, where a series of quizzes can be set up and activated and deactivated on the same page. So that cheating and randomizing of filed selections, makes it very difficulty to cheat. As well as setting up customized urls specific to each applicant, a school may want to examine on a secondary quiz.

    But this is currently being handled by LSI Servers and Adobe is very good at this. Still the quiz add-on has much larger applications ahead of it, if you provide the aggregate filtering as can be done with regular GF's. So hopefully after the holidays, this will be completed in January. Thank you.

    btw, there is not a separate forum for Quiz addon.

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  2. Hi Robert. I create a Quiz forum and moved your post there.

    Thank you for your feedback. As you know, this is an early beta release of the quiz add-on, and we'll be improving on it in future releases.

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  3. Yes, you can export form entries and the relevant Quiz Results if the form contains Quiz Fields will be included with the entry export. The information that is included in the "Quiz Results" display in the entry details will be included with the entry data when you export. So it can be used to export the data and import into Excel, etc. for doing custom reporting, etc.

    We do know how important being able to view aggregate results are and it's something we will most definitely be adding. We wanted to get the basic functionality finished and released so users could start using it and we will introduce updates and enhancements to build on the base functionality on an ongoing basis just like we do with Gravity Forms.

    The initial results we have planned will give you a high level overview of how people answered the various Quiz questions incorporating charts and graphs to display the data visually. It will display data such as average quiz score, etc.

    Filtering of entries is another feature we plan on adding into the Gravity Forms core itself. It will include hooks so that Add-Ons such as the Quiz Add-On can add additional filtering options. This will allow it to do things such as filter and display entries with a specific Quiz Score, etc. These are enhancements we plan on making to both the core and Add-Ons where it is relevant.

    We're just getting started with Quizes and you are correct, there are a wide variety of creative ways they can be used... Gravity Forms is only going to continue getting more and more powerful as we introduce new functionality.

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