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Reusable form setting

  1. jazbek


    I have a client who is interested in using Gravity Forms, but they'd like to limit form access based on user level, as well as limit the number of submissions allowed to each form based on user level.

    It sounds like I can create some custom code for them to enable this functionality, however, they've asked me if they will need to hire me each time they create a new form, to specify the user level that has access and the number of submissions per user level.

    So, my question is, are there hooks provided in the form settings where I could add those options to each form, so my client could set them when they create the form?


    Posted 9 years ago on Monday October 22, 2012 | Permalink
  2. All the developer docs are here:

    It sounds like you want your client to be able, for every form, to say which user roles can access that form, and how many submissions per user level? Would there be multiple levels allowed for each form? So, 10 submissions from author, 5 submissions from editor, 3 from contributor? Or will it always be XX submissions from whatever role?

    I'm not sure you can accomplish this with a setting in Gravity Forms.

    Posted 9 years ago on Tuesday October 23, 2012 | Permalink
  3. jazbek

    Hi Chris,

    Yes, what you described is what my client wants to do. I did find the developer docs after you posted, thanks. I saw the 'gform_field_advanced_settings' hook for creating a form setting, so I told them that their request would be possible.

    Could you explain why you believe it wouldn't?

    Thank you.

    Posted 9 years ago on Tuesday October 23, 2012 | Permalink
  4. You could certainly use the gform_field_advanced_settings hook to modify the form builder, but I could not envision how you would actually accomplish the rest. Permissions and entry limits are not that granular, which is why I did not see a way to do it at first. However, anything is possible with custom code. I'll ask the developers if what you want to do is possible using the hooks which are built in to Gravity Forms.

    Posted 9 years ago on Wednesday October 24, 2012 | Permalink
  5. Hi Jazbek,

    Assuming you are talking about who can see and submit the form on the front-end this is definitely possible. The hook you would want to use is this which would add a setting on the advanced tab of the form settings.

    Here you would create the UI where the admin could specify which user roles are able to see this form and submit it. You could then use the gform_pre_render hook and the "gform_get_form_filter" (undocumented) hook to prevent the form for displaying for ineligible users.

    Posted 9 years ago on Wednesday October 24, 2012 | Permalink
  6. Thanks David.

    Posted 9 years ago on Wednesday October 24, 2012 | Permalink
  7. jazbek

    Apologies for my delayed response -- I didn't get any topic notifications past the first one. I'm preparing for a call with my client now where we'll hopefully move forward with this project.

    Thanks very much for your help!

    Posted 9 years ago on Friday November 9, 2012 | Permalink
  8. Sure thing. Let us know if you need additional assistance.

    Posted 9 years ago on Monday November 12, 2012 | Permalink

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