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RevRise & GravityForms // Form Analytics // FEATURE REQUEST

  1. Hi there GF-team,

    I have been looking into form analytics and the best way on how to implement those features into my forms. I am stuck with GF because it simply is the best (WordPress-)solution out there and I do not want to change that.

    Recently I have stumbled upon a Swedish team developing a promising software for form analytics (see It is still in closed BETA and although I have already requested an invite some weeks ago, I didn't get my hands on it just yet.

    1) Wouldn't this be a great opportunity for you to team up? They'd have an extensive user-base to unleash their product upon and you could profit from their expertise in analytics. Could be a great (paid) Add-On. Felt like a win-win to me, just wanted to point that out...

    2) Regardless of whether you pursue that specific collaboration or not, it will take time before I can use such a tool for my (client's) benefit. Is there a best-practice / workaround in order to acheive similar, data-rich results?

    I'd love to hear from you.
    Thanks & Regards,


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