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something like gform_post_submission after step1 of a form?

  1. ab

    Original Topic:

    I wanted to reply to Carl because I'm not sure he quite understood.

    I was asking if there was something similar to gform_post_submission. With this I'm able to step in at the time the form is submitted and run any code my heart desires. I was simply looking for something that will allow me to run code at any step interval.

    "You wouldn't have anywhere to store it...."

    How is that so? With gform_post_submission I am forwarding the form data to a 3rd party database where its stored. I can surely run the same code to store partial data to my 3rd party db, only if there was a hook for steps in a form.

    Is there no possibility of this being included? I guarantee you would make atleast 50% of GravityForm customers happy. It would be a huge feature to flash around.

    Partial Data can be so important, I'm not about to go into how critical it can be to store this data, just know that if you are marketing online and you are not saving partial data, you are missing out on many opportunities.

    Surely you would like to save step1 of a form which includes Name/Email, right?

    If that person never completes the form, then you have lost this initial lead data. So you can never re-approach that prospect.

    Don't get me wrong, GF is AWESOME but it can be better and do more especially in this instance. :)

    Posted 12 years ago on Friday September 23, 2011 | Permalink
  2. Gravity Forms does not process the form until the last page is submitted. So when I said there wouldn't have anywhere to store it, I am referring to Gravity Forms storing the form data the way that it stores it. Because Gravity Forms does nothing with the data until the final page is submitted and the form action processes and saves the data.

    Changing Gravity Forms to be able to partially store data as a user steps through a form wouldn't be a minor change. It would be quite a big change to how the multi-page functionality works and opens up a can of words when it comes to user privacy. The user doesn't expect data to be stored until he submits the form. He doesn't submit the form until the final page.

    While we do have plans to introduce save and continue type functionality in the future, it's certainly not going to make this partially submitted data viewable in the admin. It's going to store it encrypted in a temporary table and it's only going to commit it to the entry tables once the user returns and fully completes the form.

    Partially storing data and making it easily accessible to the site owner when the user doesn't think anything is being stored, because to them they haven't completed the form, isn't something i'd approve as a user so it's not something we plan on implementing. It's a privacy concern.

    98% of our users don't store data in a 3rd party database or customize where data is stored when a form is submitted. This is an edge case that is used by a very small number of our users so while i'm sure it would make a very very small minority happy, that is going to be far from the 50% you mentioned.

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