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Suggested Change for 1.5 Release

  1. I recommend changing the behavior in the new product pricing fields in 1.5 for drop downs, otherwise I believe you'll be swamped with tech support issues from confused users.

    Current behavior:
    If the user defines a product pricing field as a drop down with choices like:
    None $0
    Oak $18
    Pine $20
    Code assume all answers have a quantity of 1. If you select first choice "none" then in the order confirmation screen and email it displays you purchased quantity 1 of "none".
    You really can't use the drop down because there is no way to have an opton for the customer to not purchase the product.

    Suggested behavior:
    If the price is 0 or blank have code assume a quantity of 0, not 1.
    Or build into the drop down list a default "not selected" choice.

    I think developers will expect there to be a "not selected" choice because we are use to having that as the first choice in drop downs we create in HTML forms.

    Posted 10 years ago on Saturday February 5, 2011 | Permalink
  2. The latest build of 1.5 should already support this. Are you running the latest development build? It's available on the Downloads page. We update the available build frequently, similar to a nightly build although not necessarily nightly.

    - If you enter NO price (leave the price field BLANK) it treats it as if no product is selected, or a Quantity of 0. It also triggers validation if the field is set to required. So if you set the field to required and a user selects a value that has NO price (not $0.00 which is a price) then it will trigger validation.

    - If you enter a $0.00 price it treats it as if a product is selected and a Quantity of 1 but a price of $0.00. Because $0.00 could be a valid price, free.

    So there is a difference between using $0.00 as the price and leaving the price field blank. What you describe should already be supported, I just tested it and it appears to be working fine. Make sure you are running the latest development release and then try testing what I described above.

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  3. Thanks, upgraded to RC3-14 and works great. You fellows are always on top of things.

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