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Theatre Organization Membership

  1. rmcneil

    I am developing a site for a national theatre organization that needs the capability to manage their members. Members pay an annual fee and will have access to premium website content. The officers of the organization will need to be able to edit member and subscription information. Part of what the site will feature is a listing of members both by specialty and by name. It looks like there are add-ons (GF Directory & GF User Registration) that will facilitate this easily. However, what I'm concerned about is the ease of managing user data.

    A few questions:

    1. Do users (subscribers) have to see the backend of wordpress to edit their profiles?

    2. Can I assign a role to the officers who just need to be able to deal with user lists and pages/posts? Do they also manage users from the backend and if so, can I change the names of user roles (i.e. Officer/Member vs. Editor/Subscriber).

    3. Can a member's full profile (say, from clicking a link on the directory) be viewed on the frontend?

    4. Can I put multiple member directories on the site (i.e. a bare-bones version on a public page, more detailed on a protected page)?

    5. Could I add a radio box that would let the user choose whether to be in the directory (i.e. "Add me to the directory"?)

    It looks like GF might be the best solution out there for me, but I just wanted to check with you before I take the plunge with the developer's license!

    Thank you so much!


    Posted 7 years ago on Friday May 10, 2013 | Permalink
  2. 1. No. You can create an update form for users to update their profiles.

    2. This is not related to Gravity Forms. You can use a role management plugin like Members or Role Scoper (and there are others) to grant permissions to certain aspects of your site (like posts, pages and users.) Any user with the capability can edit the role of an existing user.

    3. This is not related to Gravity Forms. You can use a plugin or the process described by Justin Tadlock to extended and display the user profile.

    4. User directories are not a feature of Gravity Forms. There is a 3rd party add-on which was created to display a directory of form submissions. You can find it here:

    5. Yes, you can add a radio button choice and choose not to add to the directory if the button is not selected.

    Gravity Forms is designed to capture information, and with the User Registration add-on, you can add users and create a form to allow users to edit their submitted information. At this time, beyond that, getting the information our and displayed on your site is the work of 3rd party add-ons or custom code.

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