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Total being multiplied

  1. Hi There,

    I'm having an issue with the form here:

    The way the form is set up is that the user will choose one of the classes as an option, and then based on the class they choose they will also add paper grading. I've just noticed however that if the user chooses any or many of the classes and then adds the quantity 2 or more to the theory paper grading, it will multiply the total rather then just adding a quantity of 2 or more to the total.


    Posted 11 years ago on Monday April 8, 2013 | Permalink
  2. You have the form built incorrectly. The classes should be products and I believe the paper should be a product as well. Options always modify the price of the product. Your paper should not be modifying the price of a class.

    I'm not even sure how this can work the way you have it set up. I don't think you need options at all. I believe you should be using only products. The classes are products, and the paper is a product. Please take another shot at building this form with only products, or let us know why you believe you need to use options in this form.

    Posted 11 years ago on Tuesday April 9, 2013 | Permalink
  3. Thanks Chris that makes more sense. I have changed it accordingly.

    Is there a way to make these option a checkbox? That is the reason I went with the option set up as I wanted the user to pick which of the sessions they would like to attend. It now works with the "qty field" but from a ux point of view there shouldn't be an option for the user to add 2 of one session into the cart. Going to the options and disabling the quantity just adds it to the cart automatically.


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  4. I had to think about this a little differently., because checkboxes are not available for product fields. So I added a product I will never show, and attach all the sessions as options to that product. The product has zero dollars for the price. The options have $150 each for the price. Then, I have a product with a cost of -$100 which is shown conditionally only when all 4 sessions are purchased.

    Then I added another product with an open quantity field, for the paper grading product, for $60 each. That will be added to the total as well.

    I hid the first product (the one with zero dollar price) using this CSS added to my theme's stylesheet:

    body .gform_wrapper li#field_383_1 {
        position: absolute !important;
        top: -9999px !important;
        left: -9999px !important;

    You will have to change the form ID (383) and field ID (1) to the id of the field as it appears in your form. You can view the source of the page to find out the id of the field to hide, or you can use a tool like Firebug to pinpoint the ID.

    You can download my sample form here: That is a direct download link. Rename the file with an xml extension (not txt) and you will be able to import it into your Gravity Forms installation.

    Install that and see how it's configured and if it will work for you.

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  5. Thanks Chris, I think I may have accomplished too , but without having to change the CSS.

    I too added a product of $0.00 but selected the Hidden option, and then the classes as option related to this product. It seems to all work without having to change any code. The grading option is now not related to a product and totals up on its own.

    Does this make sense? Can you see any issue with it? (The client hated the layout of the other way we tried).

    Posted 11 years ago on Tuesday April 9, 2013 | Permalink
  6. Seems to work. You still have the issue of someone checking all the boxes, but since it could only ever cost them extra money, I doubt that is a concern. Glad you have that working to your satisfaction.

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  7. Yea the client says that her clients will never do that. This is a private link and the days events have been explained to them.

    Thanks Chris!
    Appreciate the help.

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  8. You're welcome. Good luck.

    Posted 11 years ago on Wednesday April 10, 2013 | Permalink

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