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User submit, form lock, notification of submission on a user page?

  1. I found the following post that is related to what I am trying to look into with GF.

    I modified my post after doing some more research here. In addition to the above functionality, which looks great to block users from submitting more than one form from the IP they are at (though would be nice if it was cookie based), I would need the following:

    On a page, perhaps a user "member area" page, there would be a notification that they have submitted a particular form. - This means that a user, upon submitting, would get a notification that they have completed a form by email (default functionality), but also a text based notification (might be programmatic, but where to start?) on a particular "member page" that says "Hey, you completed Task 1. Move on to Task 2." Something like that. Thoughts?

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  2. My recommendation is that you do something like this:

    1.) Ensure that a user registration is added on page one of your form. (this is key to make this work)
    2.) Create your page with the "Task 1" form.
    a) Upon completion of the Task 1 form, instead of a message appearing, use the redirect command. Have the redirect url point to a page with a "Task 2" form.
    b) As well, use the "email notifications" settings on the Task 1 form, to send an email to the new user telling them "Thanks for completing Task 1. Please go to page " and complete Task 2.

    **Since task 2 (and all subsequent tasks are "private" they won't be available to non-logged in users with improper roles (I recommend Justin Tadlock's "Members" plugin to setup roles and permissions to make this work).**

    You can complete this task for as many Task Forms as you need. I have had to use it for an intranet site for a client. I would send you a link but you'll just get a "You do not have permissions to view this page" message.

    Hope this was clear enough.

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  3. odd....GF Team....I got a post notification from this old thread the other day and there is no new comment. idk if the comment got deleted by the poster, an admin or if it's a bug. But I thought I'd comment on it, so you guys can check it out on your end.

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  4. I think it is due to spammers adding replies, which are subsequently deleted.

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