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Wholesale site

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to create a wholesale order form that would look a little bit like our current image-only catalog: (Password "ilovecurlygirl")

    I'm wondering if Gravity Forms can accommodate an ordering system where customers can view the products (preferably by category, say, all of the square cards) one one page, enter the quantity they need, and then add all of those styles to a shopping cart at once. I guess I would be creating multiple forms for each category, and plunking the selections into one central cart or order form.

    At first I thought this would be a relatively easy task, but I'm having difficulty finding a plugin that lets me display all of the products in one category per page, and then allows people to add items to their order without leaving that category page.

    I hope that makes sense -- thanks for your help!!


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  2. Gravity Forms is not a shopping cart system. It does not have shopping cart functionality nor does it categorize products and allow users to browse products like a shopping cart plugin would.

    Gravity Forms is a form builder and it's eCommerce capabilities are limited strictly to order forms.

    I would suggest looking at JigoShop ( or WooCommerce ( which are traditional shopping cart plugins.

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  3. Anonymous

    FoxyCart is pretty powerful and might be something to look into as well.

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  4. Does anyone know of an e-commerce solution that allows customers to add products to the shopping cart using an order form, preferably an order form made with Gravity Forms? Cart66 and WooCommerce both let you to customize a SINGLE product using a Gravity Forms order form but, after submitting the form, only one product is added to the shopping cart.

    I just want an order form with a list of products and quantities. The customer selects the quantities and clicks submit and the selected products are then added to a shopping cart. The user can check out later.

    Gravity Forms PayPal integration gets you this functionality, but then you have to use PayPal's external shopping cart as opposed to a shopping cart on the site.

    This seems like a pretty straight forward need and I'm really surprised that I can't seem to find it with any of the dozens of shopping carts out there. Any help or direction would be appreciated!

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  5. Have you looked into Cart 66? Gravity Forms is not affiliated with them in any way, but they have Gravity Forms integration listed as a feature

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  6. I mentioned Cart 66 in the post. Its Gravity Forms integration is limited to modifying a single product, not creating an order form for multiple products. Members of the San Diego Advanced Wordpress Community have showed me a way to do this with WooCommerce using the Group Products feature. You can also add the functionality manually in code:

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  7. Sorry about that. I missed that in reading your post.

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