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1.4 Beta 4 - Notification Blanking email routing

  1. Rigger82

    My need is to create a dropdown list of teachers names where visitors can select the teacher to send a message to. We added the beta in hopes we could set the name as the display and the value as the email and just set notifications to send to whatever the passed value is. I havent been able to figure out if that works so Im using notifications and setting up routing where I define the email address if it matches the name from the dropdown

    Issue is that the first value holds but if I enter in an email and then add another field the previous is cleared whey I add a new routing line. I tried adding all the lines which it let me do and then I added all the email addresses but as soon as I hit SAVE SETTINGS it blanks all but the first and complains they are required.

    Image of screenshot showing issue:

    Posted 13 years ago on Tuesday August 17, 2010 | Permalink
  2. I'm unable to reproduce the issue... you can see from the screenshot below:

    This sounds like a javascript issue specific to your admin area. It could be a plugin conflict that is causing the issue. You may have to check for plugin and theme conflicts. Do you know how to run a test for conflicts in order to determine the source?

    Posted 13 years ago on Wednesday August 18, 2010 | Permalink
  3. Rigger82

    Besides systematically disabling all plugins and then testing and re-enabling one at a time, no I do not know of another (likely more efficient) process. If you could offer some guidance that would be extremely appreciated.

    Posted 13 years ago on Wednesday August 18, 2010 | Permalink
  4. Unless you are really good at debugging javascript issues, what you described above is what you would have to do. Disabling all plugins, testing the routing functionality and then enabling them one by one and test the routing functionality after each one until you determine which one is causing a javascript conflict.

    One technique I use is I disable all plugins, then activate Gravity Forms and if it works fine I then activate plugins in groups of 5. This is helpful when you have a lot of plugins installed. Then activate plugins in batches of 5 and test Gravity Forms after each group... when you hit a group that causes the problem then deactivate those 5 plugins and activate them each 1 by 1 until you determine which one is causing the issue.

    Unfortunately it sounds like another plugin is outputting javascript where it should not...

    One thing to try before you do that is to completely clear your browser cache, and then restart your browser just to rule out that it could be some sort of browser javascript cache related issue.

    Posted 13 years ago on Wednesday August 18, 2010 | Permalink
  5. Rigger82

    Im stumped. I actually deactivated EVERY plugin except for gravity and the issue is still there. Then I assumed maybe browser issue but it happens on Chrome and IE both.

    The only thing I can say is that if you have a moment, you could access via a login I can provide and see for yourself.

    In the meantime, is there a way to get this done via a manual db edit so I can at least get the client (and my boss) off my back about the issue?

    Posted 13 years ago on Friday September 3, 2010 | Permalink
  6. You can send me the login information and reference this forum post via our Contact Us form and we can take a look.

    Posted 13 years ago on Friday September 3, 2010 | Permalink