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Add to Quote feature on standard posts or pages to populate items on Quote Form?

  1. Good day,

    I hope you can help me. We use Gravity Forms for a lot of things and many many sites and the product is amazing !

    I need a solution where we have a single product described on a single post or page.
    Lets say Item A on its own page, Item B on its own page, etc.

    I need an "Add to Quote" button on each page where I describe a product (only 1 product will be described per page/post). When this Add to Quote button is clicked it will add that specific page (it can be the title of the post/page) to a Quote Cart (not a shopping cart)

    Then on a final page the user will see all the products he added and complete a form to the site owner to request a quote on the selected product(s).

    Is this at all possible with Gravity Forms ? If not do you have any recommendations. There is another plugin that is available in the WordPress Plugins repository that does this ( but it doesn't support Multisite and we require this feature on a Multisite install.

    Thank you in Advance

    Posted 9 years ago on Friday June 21, 2013 | Permalink