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Adding a Password

  1. Is there a way to have a password protected form?

    I will be having forms specifically for certain users, so I want to be sure that they are the people filling out the form. If somebody else stumbles across it, I want to have a password added and, if this is correct then the rest of the form will appear using conditional logic.

    An alternative would be to have the form ignored if the password is incorrect.

    Is this possible?

    Posted 12 years ago on Friday April 23, 2010 | Permalink
  2. Forms don't exist by themselves. They are embedded on posts and pages. If you want to password protect a form you would password protect that specific Post or Page.

    One plugin you could use to do this would be the Members plugin. It's a role management and content protection plugin. It is available here:

    PLEASE keep in mind that if you install and activate the Members plugin you may see the Gravity Forms menu disappear. What you will have to do to correct this is turn on Role Management in the Members plugin and then go to Users > Roles and edit the Administrator role and make sure all the Gravity Forms related capabilities are checked.

    Gravity Forms and Members plugin work together, so if GF doesn't appear it's because Role Management is working and you don't have the proper access to view it. This is easily fixed by editing the Administrator role and adding the access.

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  3. Another way is to mark the post as "Password protected" under "Visibility" on the post edit/publish screen. That will prevent content (including the form) from being shown to a non-logged in user, unless they provide a password. If you are using forms for specific users, with specific passwords for each user or group, I think this would work for you, with no need for that visitor to log in.

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  4. As usual, I was looking at the hard way of doing it, both the other suggestions are much simpler.


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