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Additional mail merge tags for user details.

  1. aproco

    I am currently using Gravity Forms to update a site on which I was previously using cforms.

    Within cforms I had mail merge options for additional current user (profile) information including 'first name', 'last name' and 'user id', however it appears that gravity forms is restricted to the user login, user email and display name.

    Is there a way that I can pull additional user information such as ID, first and last names for use in email notifications created by gravity forms?

    This is quite important for this specific project and any advice would be gratefully received.

    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday October 18, 2012 | Permalink
  2. All the fields you collect in your form are available as merge tags in your user email notification. Can you explain more what you're trying to do and what you have tried so far?

    Posted 11 years ago on Wednesday October 24, 2012 | Permalink
  3. aproco

    Hi I want to pull information about the current (logged in) user, most importantly, their user ID and the existing first and last name fields from their profile.

    This would be profile information, rather than information entered into form fields, it was possible to do this in cforms, but can the same be done in any way using gravity forms?

    Perhaps there is a way to fetch this information using invisible fields that I may have overlooked.

    Posted 11 years ago on Wednesday October 24, 2012 | Permalink
  4. All the information from the user profile is available as a merge tag. See this documentation:

    Scroll down to meta_key. You can access the user's profile fields like this:


    You can use those merge tags as the default value for any field, including hidden or admin only fields. That way, the information will be stored in the entry if the user is logged in when they submit your form.

    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday October 25, 2012 | Permalink
  5. Formmaker

    does this work for custom meta, and from other plugins that created the custom meta and what is the exact syntax ecxplained i am having trouble with this

    Posted 11 years ago on Sunday November 4, 2012 | Permalink
  6. Yes, so long as the other plugin stores the information in the usermeta table. You need to know the exact name of the meta key, then use it like this:


    Where your bit of information was stored associated with meta_key_name_1.

    Posted 11 years ago on Monday November 5, 2012 | Permalink
  7. Formmaker

    what about serialized meta like custom meta from s2members

    Posted 11 years ago on Monday November 5, 2012 | Permalink