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Admin label content does not show up in email, only entry

  1. Hi,
    I tried doing this "give the Quantity field an admin label that will be displayed in the admin."

    It worked if you log into WordPress to view the entries however, if you receive a copy of the submitted form it just says "Qty" then number, no other product details even though the admin label has this info. I'd ideally like my client to receive an email that he can see the product description of what was selected and the quantity. Why does the admin label content not show up in the email?

    Is there a way to do this? OR is this the best solution right now,



    Posted 13 years ago on Friday September 3, 2010 | Permalink
  2. The Field Label is used in notification emails. This is because this is typically the user friendly term. The admin label is used for shortening a long field label such as "Subscribe me to your mailing list" to something short like "Opt-In". So if you are using the Admin Label for the long description and the Field Label for the short description, you are using them backwards.

    The Admin Label is only for use in the Admin area of WordPress. For things such as the entry list, etc. It is not used in Notifications.

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  3. Thanks, I understand what you're saying about the purpose of the Field label and the Admin label. I was hoping I could put "Quantity" in the Field label and a short product name in the Admin label so that when the admin received the email they could see the product selected and not just "Quantity."

    I don't think there is any other way to do what I'm attempting to do here?

    Have the product name and a quantity field next to it and make it so the admin receives an email and can determine which item is associated with which quantity?

    Please let me know if you see a better way to do this, keeping in mind the email notification with all the info.


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  4. Looking at your form I don't see any fields with a field label of simply "Quantity", the way you have it laid out can't it be assumed that the value under Current Releases and Holiday Wine Samplers would be the Quantity?

    Looking at the form it looks like you would have something like this in the notification email (although formatted slightly nicer as what is below isn't in a table):

    Pioneer Label Merlot 2005

    Wouldn't it be assumed that this meant 2 Pioneer Label Merlot 2005's? That the 2 would be the Quantity?

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